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The day started out ok...

I managed to get some shots in the garden before the wind came...
This tree towered above the 2 story house beside it... they were lucky it came down the way it did.
This was a few steps down the road... another of several that came down in and around the village, knocking out power for over 24 hours.
This one actually isn't mine. My daughter Katie took it, it's the remnants of my 'survival kit' lol
So yesterday's wind storm left some casualties, thankfully none on my yard, and after 26 hours without power, everything seems to be back to normal... but some people have some cleaning up to do.

There are more garden shots here (for your Keryl)
AndroidPhotography Great shots! Expectli #2 whit glasses :)
AndroidPhotography · 2011-04-29: 13:29
????? Oh man, I am glad you are all all right, Marjorie!! Lovely village you live in :)
????? · 2011-04-29: 13:33
Eiram Looks dangerous!
Eiram · 2011-04-29: 14:05
onlyricky stormy uh? a storm caught me while I was doing a safari near (well far) from my home.. I got home all wet, but my camera survives always because i use the bag lool I LOVE MY NIKON BAG.
never the less love the drops on 1# :)
onlyricky · 2011-04-29: 14:14
Keryl Glad to hear you are all okay and your power is back - what a drag!
More garden shots, please!
Keryl · 2011-04-29: 14:48
HoosierAtHeART There has been so many serious storms this year. Too many lives lost, glad that all is okay with you!
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-04-29: 15:33
joycephotography Glad you're OK, nice pics.
joycephotography · 2011-04-29: 15:37
????? this is a crazy weather year... so i guess you weren't able to take in the royal wedding? i was up at 3:45 this morning to watch the coverage on BBC-America :)
????? · 2011-04-29: 15:42
????? Wow, that was a heavy storm...nicely documented
????? · 2011-04-29: 16:22
Ryana Such pleasant area where you live, even after a storm!
Ryana · 2011-04-29: 17:11
stabeez Nice documentation Marjorie. The cleaning up is a pain but as long as the houses are fine, it is a small consolation. I was still busy removing trees after work today but, I guess that happens when you live in a forest.
stabeez · 2011-04-29: 18:09
lookagain Wow, bad storm....that must have been scary! Know all about the cleaning up....not fun! Glad you all stayed safe!
lookagain · 2011-04-29: 18:18
anggrekfoto beautiful shots
anggrekfoto · 2011-04-29: 20:22
ilikethat Wow very nice set. Quite the night you had
ilikethat · 2011-04-30: 01:44
renatomartins Very interesting post. I'm glad you and your family are well.
renatomartins · 2011-04-30: 06:26
lyricalthoughts Glad you guys are fine.. Great shots!
lyricalthoughts · 2011-05-01: 00:23
cariad Wow...must have been a powerful storm - glad you are ok :)
cariad · 2011-05-01: 04:50
Jarvo Oh my. Glad to hear you are ok.
Jarvo · 2011-05-01: 20:24
ArtBee Still cleaning up around here.......looks pretty much like your shots in #2 and #3.... but hey......it wasn't a tornado by enviroment Canada's standards......
I like your suvival kit Marjorie! Ferrero Rocher can make the time pass by till the power's back on.....a little less ......let's see.......what's the word I'm looking for ....hummmmm......without cussing.....hummmmm ........Haha.....ok....I got one.....bothersome
ArtBee · 2011-05-13: 11:59
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