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the roof, the hunt and the woods... what a day!

Decision.... the decision to do the roof was untimately a good one.... but WOW I'm glad it's done.
Nails for the nailer... I just liked them, they were shiny :)
Mine.... mine is on the right, the developer's is on the left :(
When I grabbed to the camera to take a shot of the roof, the dog perked right up expecting a walk out back.... so off we went...
Off she goes, heading over the bridge in search of good smelling things ...
It was getting dark and overcast.. I kind of like this shot
the way back to the house...
old nails pulled out of our house over the weekend...
Oh man, what a weekend.. what a week, I'm sooooo glad it's done. Mostly done. The most stressful part anyway.

Thanks again to everyone who helped Dan, Jen, Bruce, Helmut, Don, and Dave. There's NO WAY we could have done this without you guys.
DancingDolphin That must be quite an historic house to have those square nails!
DancingDolphin · 2011-07-16: 20:33
joycephotography Historic? Did Abe Lincoln used to live there? Seriously, great post.
joycephotography · 2011-07-16: 21:03
????? Wonderful photo's! Fantastic focus on 1,2,3,5,9,11,&12...
????? · 2011-07-16: 21:41
djnana #2, 5, 9 & 12 are wonderful, Marjorie. You've had more adventure than my heart can stand!
djnana · 2011-07-16: 21:47
stabeez Hold onto those nails Marjorie. I like #9 of your varied set today. Just think, the roof is done for a good many years now.
stabeez · 2011-07-16: 21:54
liveandletlive PHEW! I'm glad that's over. I was stressing for you Marjorie!
Love your pretty shiny nails.
liveandletlive · 2011-07-16: 21:58
Keryl That's quite a hunt, M! I'm glad you got out for a walk, your shots are amazing as always. Are we going to lose the "Mommy" tree?
Keryl · 2011-07-16: 22:10
????? Very nice details!
????? · 2011-07-16: 22:20
beeacooker The favorite colorful xylophone that "everyone" has played with at one time! Great finds for a very busy weekend!
beeacooker · 2011-07-16: 22:23
beth0110 glad you survived your project and business! love the nail shots (new and old). your house must be old? also love the shot of the flower with the dark background and the brightness of the petals
beth0110 · 2011-07-16: 22:37
lyricalthoughts great set Marjorie and hunt too! Im glad that your roof is finally fixed:)
lyricalthoughts · 2011-07-17: 00:36
mwbergeron01 Great Hunt Set! Enjoyed seeing those cool old nails at that angle and DOF.
mwbergeron01 · 2011-07-17: 01:17
????? Two thumbs up Marjorie! You are truly a great hunter. Speaks for itself actually, just have a looksee at what u caught. Great!
????? · 2011-07-17: 03:55
pcmcgarry Good hunting, don't know how you find the time. Your roof was quite old looking at the nails that came out of it, new one looks good and should keep you dry! Your shiny nails were my fav's
pcmcgarry · 2011-07-17: 05:06
????? About the nails and nailers:

As the spanish saying goes: (Si naciste para martillo, del cielo te caen los clavos) If you were born for hammer, from the sky the nails will fall you. You can't get out your fate, keep your ancient nails. <//:-)
????? · 2011-07-17: 09:40
lgnelson Love the shiny nail shot in #5!
lgnelson · 2011-07-17: 10:10
ArtBee Bravo Bravo Bravo! You really nailed it this week Marjorie! I like how you got the hunt in and the story of the roof as well.
Those old square nails have'nt been used since the early 1900s ( those ones look like they have been made by a blacksmith late 1800s........hang on to them, there are collectors who would love to have them! The shot of the new shiny nails is fantastic, as is your shot shot for citrus! The flower is wonderful too! Great post!
ArtBee · 2011-07-17: 10:12
????? those nails are awesome! great shots, nice dof
????? · 2011-07-17: 10:13
Thanks Marjorie, for always being there.
????? · 2011-07-17: 17:08
Shaparak Great set!
Shaparak · 2011-07-17: 20:08
lukesmom This is a great set! Love the shots of the nails and the orange. Just great!
lukesmom · 2011-07-17: 22:02
smbunation Great reportage and documentation. Great how you utilize this blog for this type of situation.
smbunation · 2011-07-18: 20:24
MARETKA88 really cool set Majorie
MARETKA88 · 2011-07-20: 09:06
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