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cross country race

Cameron ran his first cross country race today.

I'm pretty proud of him, he's pretty proud of himself... this was the first time he ran 1500 metres without having to walk and/or stop.

Don't know where he placed, don't much care. I'm just proud of him.
????? Yay Cameron!! Good job!!
????? · 2011-10-05: 21:26
mallusatish Congratulation Cameron well done,WONDERFUL POST~!~
mallusatish · 2011-10-05: 21:47
Keryl I paused Pandora for Chariots of Fire? I really did laugh out loud.
Congratulations to C-Man!
It's a great set, M - love the expressions you caught in the second....so determined!
Keryl · 2011-10-05: 22:27
sooch Great looks of determination in their faces in #2!
sooch · 2011-10-05: 22:56
poshrat Great set - so much life, even though the leaves are dying. Congrats to Cameron
poshrat · 2011-10-06: 00:21
Shaparak Like #3!
Shaparak · 2011-10-06: 00:37
????? Great job! That's quite a run for a young man. This is my favorite sport my boy does - beats baseball and soccer. And the participants, parents, coaches and spectators are pretty top notch too. You're right to be proud of him.
????? · 2011-10-06: 00:39
iso400 Maybe it is not the most important part of this post, and it certainly is, but I would like emphasize the excellent choice of music. Perfect for this post. Regards to pictures, though my comments are missing for too long, I must say that it becomes increasingly hard to find different words to highlight the beauty of your shots. Beyond the amazing colors of autumn (thank goodness this season exists) the pictures of the race faithfully reproduce the competitive spirit and determination of the runners. Well done, though (and Marjorie will forgive me) perhaps the second needed to be a bit brighter.
And yes, no care where he is placed, what matters is that he is proud of himself. And you of him.
iso400 · 2011-10-06: 04:23
girafferacing Such a lovely set - you've really caught a sense of the action. Congratulations to Cameron!
girafferacing · 2011-10-06: 04:51
hopepics Thanks for sharing! I love this sport, too, it's something he can do for life!
hopepics · 2011-10-06: 08:33
????? awww, how cool is that!!! great set, I love the expressions on the faces in #2
????? · 2011-10-06: 10:08
manish2god first time n 1500 meters!! :( great job!! :)
manish2god · 2011-10-06: 12:10
????? Number 970 is my hero, he runs with all his soul doing an effort! Ok, ok! number 806 is the star here, but he is another one between the constellation. Competition is an excuse, not the goal. All these children are shining in broad daylight, as comets willing to circle the Earth.
Oh! shit! these two mice are here another time eating my cheeeesse!
????? · 2011-10-06: 17:20
????? Ah! I had forget to send you the regards from my friend Enric. Finally i think that, from some another point of view, he is really handsome.

Meauuuu!!! damned rats! shit's mice! go out from my bath, Hey!!!! oooh! don't paint the mirror with the aftersun's cream tube!!! What a dirty trick Bastards!
????? · 2011-10-06: 17:39
liveandletlive Woo hoo!!! Go Cameron! Beautiful set Marjorie!!!
liveandletlive · 2011-10-07: 22:26
renatomartins Great mimics. Very good shots!
renatomartins · 2011-10-08: 14:26
MARETKA88 You go Cameron....and you to proud momma ......wonderful series
MARETKA88 · 2011-10-09: 09:13
????? Congrat's to you and Cameron! Very nice!
????? · 2011-10-17: 21:38
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