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new lens and a welcome learning curve

Taken in the store. My hands were shaking so badly I'm surprised the camera would focus at all.
Taken at home... you can tell it's mine, it's dusty already! :P
My realization of how important VR is.... and it was COLD out there today.. -10C.
You can't expect to take a definitive image in half an hour. It takes days, often years.~ Fay Godwin

Today I drove the hour into the city to go buy my new lens.... I decided on the AF-S Micro 40mm f/2.8.... I'm glad I went in to try it out before buying it, because while I was there, I also tried the 35mm prime I was originally looking at. As soon as I tried the 40mm I knew it was the one.

Now the learning curve. The first thing I realized was how much I rely on Vibration Reduction. This lens doesn't have it.

No zoom is an eye opener as well, and it's going to take some getting used to not being able to zoom in to compose my shot.

The AF has a manual override on the focusing ring, which is nice, and a new feature to me.

My initial instinct was to shoot like I always do, wide open for shallow dof. I realized when I came back in, I have to rethink that. I have to rethink everything.

It's perfect.
Pedar :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
I want some too
Happy birthday and congrates for new lens Marjorie
Pedar · 2012-01-15: 16:04
DancingDolphin I've never done any macro photography but I'm guessing a tripod would be helpful?? Have fun!
DancingDolphin · 2012-01-15: 16:27
????? Great choice and very nice first test. You will like this lens. Gongrats!
????? · 2012-01-15: 17:58
onlyricky So you bought yourself a bday gift? how dear of you :)
Happy birthday marjorie, it is midnight here so no hush and bad luck given!
I might think of do some macro mono for a special birthday post to you :)
your birthday is the same day of my aunt's birthday ;))
well HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I envy your new lens!
hope amazing macros will come yay!
onlyricky · 2012-01-15: 18:28
GranAbby Well you certainly seem to be making it work. Prime lenses are a whole different kettle of fish, I have been doing some film work lately with an 80 mm prime and it is hard work. Lovely photos, keep it up.
GranAbby · 2012-01-15: 18:40
????? Your hands were shaking so badly? DTs huh?
It's not good to buy new lenses with a hangover Marjorie...hahahahaha

These are quite terrific, you've got the point of focus spot on in all your close shots here...superb!!
And isn't ice such a great subject for exactly these kinda shots?!!

The quote is great and so true...
Rembrandt (who was a master at portrait drawing) in his later years, was sat in a cafe, one of his regular haunts, when a lady of class and wealth recognised him and asked if he could draw her.
He obliged and made a hurried yet delightful image of her...then charged her a handsome sum for the pleasure.
Indignantly she complained about the price exclaiming that it had only taken him 4 minutes...to which he reputedly replied something along the lines of...
No, my dear, it took me 40 years!

Anyway, I know it's a little early there, but here it's just about time to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Kisses and hugs from Wales and the UK xx
????? · 2012-01-15: 18:49
CHOSSID Excellent shots Marjorie!
CHOSSID · 2012-01-15: 20:10
liveandletlive Well first of all, I'm so glad you took the time to tell us that VR = Vibration Reduction. On my camera it is called Shake Reduction and I never use it. I should try it. These are all just AMAZING. Okay seriously, I love them all especially the ones I added to my favorites. Fantastic.
liveandletlive · 2012-01-15: 20:53
Nukee You did very well with your new toy Marjorie...can't wait to see more!!! :)
Nukee · 2012-01-15: 20:58
joycephotography It's always fun to learn something new..........Some great shots here...........
joycephotography · 2012-01-15: 21:03
LisaMarieGeorge Wonderfull set!
LisaMarieGeorge · 2012-01-15: 21:51
Keryl Today is your birthday? Really???
♫ Happy Birthday M ♫
I'm so happy for you and your new lens...these are wonderful!
Keryl · 2012-01-15: 22:05
sooch Nice lens, glad you got it! In no time you will realize that not being able to zoom is no big deal and this lens (or different lenses) will alter you in good ways.
sooch · 2012-01-15: 22:28
terryya Great set!! Happy birthday and congrats new lens as well.
terryya · 2012-01-16: 00:53
mazpics Amazing set!! I love the frost and ice!
mazpics · 2012-01-16: 03:49
bumpusdogs super set and happy birthday! :)
bumpusdogs · 2012-01-16: 08:10
lookagain This is so much fun!!! What a great birthday gift, Marjorie....you're going to love it!!! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!!
Happy Birthday :))))
lookagain · 2012-01-16: 08:37
????? Amazing snow crystals, I especially like #5. Congratulations on your new lens, and birthday!
????? · 2012-01-16: 11:20
AllieOska Awesome set!
AllieOska · 2012-01-16: 12:33
va000119 oh, Have fun with it. Lovely set. :-))
va000119 · 2012-01-16: 13:59
djnana Holy moly! #4 is incredible! I have a small Nikon with limited options, but I love it. I can't wait to see all the amazing photos that you're going to post!! (If you get any better, I won't be able to stand it!)
djnana · 2012-01-16: 17:04
lukesmom I want one!!! Enjoy! These are nice photos, so I know you will be giving us some great stuff; in fact, you have. I'm going backwards thru your blog :)
lukesmom · 2012-01-17: 21:14
LeahThomas I noticed THE SAME THING when I bought my 24-70mm f.2.8 with no IS. Makes me sad I paid so much for a lens that I'm not 100% happy with.
LeahThomas · 2012-01-17: 22:24
girafferacing Macro lenses are quite an eye-opener aren't they? Wafer thin DOF and if you so much as twitch the focus goes! I'm sure you'll have a ball once you've made friends with you new lens :-)
girafferacing · 2012-01-22: 12:12
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