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under appreciated

Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things.

mad season - matchbox twenty
????? Vry Nice Minimalist Marjorie
????? · 2012-05-15: 19:02
????? Agree with Alberto, and those little drops of water on the lid just give it that little extra, lovely shot Marj!!
????? · 2012-05-15: 20:03
stabeez The kettle certainly is under-appreciated with all of the electric devices we have for making hot water, coffee and tea such as Tassimo, Keurig, electric Kettles, coffee makers and what have you The bottom kine is that they al make hot water only some pour it over the coffee too. Good reminder Marjorie.
stabeez · 2012-05-15: 20:05
GoBlues I woul not know what to do without my teakettle !!! Great shot !
GoBlues · 2012-05-15: 21:03
lukesmom Very cool shot! I wouldn't have known what it was had it not been for your quote! Nice work!
lukesmom · 2012-05-15: 21:21
lgnelson Love the shot and the thought! Very relaxing . . .
lgnelson · 2012-05-15: 22:16
liveandletlive Great shot Marjorie. I wish we could sit down over a cup of tea together right now. (The first thing I do when I pop out of bed in the morning is make a cup of tea). I just wish we could kick back together and chat.
Oh yeah, I love the song too.
liveandletlive · 2012-05-15: 22:26
joycephotography I have not seen a teapot in some time, great shot.
joycephotography · 2012-05-15: 22:56
JustmeG Beautiful curved lines!
JustmeG · 2012-05-15: 23:08
Keryl Well now, I don't own a tea kettle. Yes I do, but it's at camp....where there is no electricity and only a gas stove to cook on.
I drink my tea iced and it comes all ready from a canister. I'm a coffee girl.
"Tis certainly a lovely image just the same!
Keryl · 2012-05-15: 23:51
Ryana That would be so super, drinking tea together with some of you girls (from photoblog) and be able to happily chattering about everything and nothing.

Great shot!!
Ryana · 2012-05-16: 13:34
honzicek Great shot!
honzicek · 2012-05-17: 08:55
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