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have you seen my Monroe?

Nikon N75 [that's a FILM camera for all of you digitally consumed folks] ► Fujicolor NEXIA ISO 200 film ► 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 lens
ambiance: Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

ok perhaps I should make this a QUIZ [a la Cabecilha style]. SPEAKING of that... I am now starting to work backwards... like Americo!!!

Who knows what a monroe is? Yes, it has something to do with my portrait. Only reason I ask is because not many people obviously do. I am ALWAYS getting asked "WHAT IS A MONROE?" now.... you privileged people will know! Perhaps you are also more educated about this subject matter than most other people I come across [please, let's all hope so!]

Jeremy - you can't answer. :p I know that you know!

This IS a film photo.. shot with my Nikon D75.... but I was having a little fun making it sepia and rotating it in Picasa. SOOOOOOO... anyway - ON WITH THE QUIZ
davids It's a beautiful one (the lip stud) - and the rest of the image is pretty cool as well.
davids · 2007-07-16: 16:02
janoo21 sexy
janoo21 · 2007-07-16: 16:11
????? I think I came too early:)) hard to answer, because of didn't really see different opinion or answer from your question. Can i come back later??? hee hee NAH!
Well I feel like fall behind, what i can do just guess. Maybe the way you post is like Monroe's style, or sexy as her. :p

Anyway i love this shot, very wide eyes and sexy lips. Superb!!
????? · 2007-07-16: 16:13
????? Dang!! I should wait for Patty answer before i click post!:((
Great to know:))
????? · 2007-07-16: 16:16
????? love your eyes in this.. very very stunning.. you have that monroe beauty anyway .. so happy to have you back Kristy and Kristy did I say it enough ??? Ha!! you look real sexy in this one..:) hawt!
????? · 2007-07-16: 17:06
jendayee I would answer like Patty... about the monroe thing... :)))
Love that shot and the tone ! nice portrait
jendayee · 2007-07-16: 17:27
davidcardona Nice girl! Great composition! Superb!
davidcardona · 2007-07-16: 19:18
vollenda Your eyes are amazing. I love how you are looking to the side. It's a beautiful self-portrait! You are definitely all-that, like Patty said. :)
vollenda · 2007-07-16: 23:05
SilkeHoltmann Thanks Patty!!
That`s logic! - I learned from the master !!
SilkeHoltmann · 2007-07-17: 02:02
Mabi938 I saw your eyes !!!! And i liked this spot.
Mabi938 · 2007-07-17: 02:58
garysktam lovely...
garysktam · 2007-07-17: 04:43
Burstmode the film has a lovely cast to it...
Burstmode · 2007-07-17: 08:53
Marlena beautiful eyes! Good job!
Marlena · 2007-07-17: 09:00
mugsycat Love the sepia on your monroe.
mugsycat · 2007-07-17: 09:15
????? WOW ! Nice.
????? · 2007-07-17: 09:48
MidsummerSilence @Moguiyu - 这是第一次我使用了它。
MidsummerSilence · 2007-07-17: 09:55
MidsummerSilence @drstrangepork - thanks! it's a CZ stud, with i liked a LOT better than the s/s ball that i see a lot of people with. I am using the saline! a bit too religiously... my piercer yelled at me for never leaving it alone. thanks.

ps. you're NOT lame - you're one kickass guy! glad to have come across you on here! :)
MidsummerSilence · 2007-07-17: 10:59
jonrake stunning self portait with or without the monroe
jonrake · 2007-07-17: 12:38
RozariaSBanned great portrait! :)
RozariaSBanned · 2007-07-17: 13:55
Cabecilha Mid S. S.! no no no:(
you have to make us suffer... you cannot reveal the answer so soon!
in one of my quizes I got one right answer in the 3rd ot 4th comment... but i let it linger till i got about 60 or 70 comments! That's the fun of it :)
Cabecilha · 2007-07-17: 14:59
MidsummerSilence ok it's gone... now i am learning on how to properly quiz people. thank you for your directions... it's much appreciated.... i will get it right on the next accidental quiz I try
MidsummerSilence · 2007-07-17: 15:03
BornaHokie beautiful Kris!
BornaHokie · 2007-07-17: 20:13
FromMyInside just wow!
FromMyInside · 2007-07-18: 09:25
carlosdelfin how lovely is this one? ;)
carlosdelfin · 2007-07-25: 17:03
chipotle pffft.

it's a shot taken as you walk across a subway vent and a blast of air billows your skirt upward: monroe.

that's a beautiful self-portrait; your monroe is flattering.
chipotle · 2007-07-26: 12:38
subash Aaaah finally my kinda woman ....

I love your shot. I love your camera even more ...

Psst I have an N70 myself, and an F4 and an F5 and an FM4 ... lol

Wanna come to my place to take a look at the etchings I've made with them :)
subash · 2007-08-03: 14:48
crusader great portrait! I like your eyes :)
crusader · 2007-08-15: 04:51
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