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The Recover of Norway

A lake in Toten
Flowers laid in front of Oslo Cathedral
Miriam Vaga composing.....
From street of Oslo
Few months after the attack of mass murder Anders Breivik I visited Norway in order to make a reportage for the effects of this maniac actions.

“I have cried, and I have told many people that they should not hesitate to cry,” and he added "I think that this will change Norway. We'll have a Norway before and a Norway after the bomb and the killings. But, even after these terrible incidents, (Norway) will be an open society." said Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian Prime Minister.
There I met Miriam Vaga a young composer. She wrote this song few days after.

Philter - The Lights

He stole their lights.
Darkened their innocent eyes.

New hope will fall like grey-like summer rain.
See all the love in all the lights.
The lights and the roses, held up, for you.
For all that’s lost, for all who lost.

When words are poor.
Our hearts give so much more.

Our unison cry, contain a love that won’t die.

He stole their lights.
Darkened their innocent eyes.

Hope can die, as fast as a bullet can fly.

New hope will fall like grey-like summer rain.
See all the love in all the lights.
The lights and the roses, held up, for you.
For all that’s lost, for all who lost.

What I receive from their behavior? don't cry over spilt milk because recovering is not a way to avoid emotional pain, is the way to look forwaItalic Textrd


Alexander Katsis
finbarr Great post !!
finbarr · 2012-02-02: 17:30
rmjannette this is a wonderful presentation of such a tragedy. you are always political and romantic at the same time, it is so nice
rmjannette · 2012-02-02: 18:37
rmjannette the hands on the pianist and her reflection as well as the angle make this such a strong composition, beautiful
rmjannette · 2012-02-02: 18:38
Fali84 there is just so much to these images...lots of character
Fali84 · 2012-02-03: 03:04
Ejrodriguez 1 and 3 for me is the best!! :)) nice set
Ejrodriguez · 2012-02-03: 05:02
timim amazing set:)
timim · 2012-02-03: 06:10
mujay great set.
mujay · 2012-02-03: 07:29
andie2008 Great post, great set of pictures....the 3rd shot is my favorite, it says so much.
andie2008 · 2012-02-03: 16:24
Unchained Excellent set and music. I love how you captured the movements of her hands and the reflections of her face on the piano. Life goes on, I hope we all learn a lesson.
Unchained · 2012-02-04: 05:28
PawKam nice set!
PawKam · 2012-02-06: 17:08
Arie Lovely set.
Arie · 2012-02-06: 19:58
miguelcruz #3 magnífica
miguelcruz · 2012-02-08: 11:33
Clickpen Very good pictures playing with reflections, great job.
Clickpen · 2012-02-09: 03:32
Azrin Beautiful set. #1 is simply amazing.
Azrin · 2012-02-11: 00:56
livelovelaugh This is a beautiful, important post. Wonderful work, Alex. :)
livelovelaugh · 2012-02-11: 18:18
davidcardona Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing and keep creating!
davidcardona · 2012-02-13: 21:56
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