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Drew Day! :-) Happy After Fractured Collarbone Healing!

Out in the country
Loves to "drive" grandpa Don's old 91 Ford..
Listening intently to the story with Mickey Mouse!
Found a "mike" at his dad's parents "the other set of grandparents" and started to sing..Kim was amazed..he pulled this light up out of the ground..she doesn't know where he got the idea..he does watch tv kiddie shows :-)
A comforting kiss from dad waiting at the ER when he fractured his collarbone falling off the bed...about 3 weeks ago. It was a hairline fracture and healed quickly..
Arm in a sling helped hold it still..Didn't stay sad too long..but he did a lot of hurting and crying a few days..
A Drew thing..stacking.
Loved watching bubbles fly around and popping them
Grandpa Don blows a big one
So much fun..forgot all about that shoulder hurting..
Lsample Good times!
Lsample · 2012-03-14: 12:40
Annbramwell Aaah, poor little man, glad that he is healing well though...
Annbramwell · 2012-03-14: 13:40
josy63 Poor little Drew...
But I see that this naughty story is finished and his smile is too beautiful
josy63 · 2012-03-14: 13:48
miltonjacob happy that he is alright now. lovely smile
miltonjacob · 2012-03-14: 14:02
Lsample Wait a minute, didn't I see him in a horse some time back? Tell me he didn't fall off!
Lsample · 2012-03-14: 14:30
MoMac Boys will be boys glad he's better .
Easily done my daughter was a few years older when she fell off the bed playing with her brothers and broke her little finger . So I can imagine the pain your little Drew would be in.
MoMac · 2012-03-14: 14:48
photodeclair so lovely set !!!!!!!!!!!!!
photodeclair · 2012-03-14: 15:38
lookagain Oh no, poor Drew....tough thing to happen to such a little guy. Glad he's healed quickly and is happier now! Super shots....the last one is terrific....what a big smile!
lookagain · 2012-03-14: 15:46
tomie poor boy! he enjoy to drive...take care he goes alone with the car :))
tomie · 2012-03-14: 16:15
jennyLit yay!! glad to see he is feeling better!
jennyLit · 2012-03-14: 16:47
digitalideas Such a lovely set hope he feels better
digitalideas · 2012-03-14: 17:05
finbarr Wonderful set !! get better soon ,
finbarr · 2012-03-14: 17:09
Yves51 poor kid glad he`s doing better...
Yves51 · 2012-03-14: 17:42
JustGarden Ouch!!!!! Glad to see he has healed. Love the expression in #6. Got to get a shirt like Drew is wearing in the first photo. Thanks for sharing, Sara.
JustGarden · 2012-03-14: 18:10
????? Lovely images!!!
????? · 2012-03-14: 18:21
dreamie Awww, great to see you Drew!
Poor little boy, I'm glad he's ok now!
dreamie · 2012-03-14: 19:35
mallusatish Glad to know he doing well,Lovely shots of Drew so full of life~!~
mallusatish · 2012-03-14: 21:55
darfoster Oh, they can do some scary stuff. My granddaughter fell through the spindels that blocked the stairs and ended up at the bottom of the stairs, when she was just a little over a year! Hit her head, but she was fine! (Now it is covered with a tightly woven plastic mesh! No falling through again!!!Glad Drew healed quickly!
darfoster · 2012-03-14: 22:33
joycephotography He sure looks happy.
joycephotography · 2012-03-14: 23:07
liveandletlive just soooooo so cute Sara! It's amazing any of them make it through kindergarten.
liveandletlive · 2012-03-15: 00:32
arkijay cute baby!! :)
arkijay · 2012-03-15: 01:04
Tinkerbell1769 Great to see that he is all better and can romp around again... Such precious shots thanks for sharing them
Tinkerbell1769 · 2012-03-15: 10:41
mystic1 Wow awesome captures love them all
mystic1 · 2012-03-15: 21:58
Unchained Happy and ready for more adventures :))
Unchained · 2012-03-22: 04:59
pandka Very lovely!
pandka · 2012-03-23: 07:14
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