41-50 / 19852
JustmeG · 2015-05-15: 11:54
God knows..nice shot...great old gothic fence.
I admire just about anything Victorian or Gothic as well. Thank you!
va000119 · 2015-05-15: 04:03
Very cool..you are a great artist.
Thanks for looking, these were fun to do. x
tomie · 2015-05-15: 03:47
Reply ⇔ School Tour
What great primary colors and lots of fun toys..love #19 and 20..do they look like you?
Yes, the boy Swann looks like me at the same age but more in the character, shy and don't like the crowd. :))
Thank Sara
dogydad2 · 2015-05-15: 00:00
dogydad2 I agree! Certainly, they are not shy & reserved! (grin)
Karramba · 2015-05-14: 17:28
A nice place to relax with a coffee..a beautiful show I'm sure.
Indeed :)
deianeira · 2015-05-14: 15:44
Cute bird shots..We have some swallows trying to build a nest on our front porch rail again this year..we let them previous years..but they make a mess and a nuisance when they run after us..I love to watch them swoop though and listen to them chatter :-)
Thank you. I know what you mean. They're a little scary when they go after you. I always get so startled. Not sure how I'd feel about them on my porch either, but I love going out to see them at the lake.
JohnBoy2 · 2015-05-14: 11:15
Reply ⇔ Karmen 4
Perfectly beautiful girl..I like the last one.
How very kind, Thank you!
dogydad2 · 2015-05-14: 11:10
dogydad2 My pleasure! Keep on klikkin' & tickin"!!!
borogovoi · 2015-05-14: 11:07
Beautiful and interesting architecture..love your composition.
Thank you my friend ... good evening from Florence !!
MoMac · 2015-05-14: 11:02
Fascinating place..ugh on the nose :-)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatomical_theatre_of_the_Archiginnasio Information where they studied anatomy in the past of my last two shots