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stabeez · 2015-01-23: 18:48
Reply ⇔ Snowy Owl
LOVE this owl..I have never seen one..just a barn owl down here..they are white down the front. Try to get more :-)
We have been lucky to see this one this year. I've watched him, from the road, a number of times, sitting in the field or on the fence but he is usually too far away for a good photo. For these, a former student called my wife, who is now the hed secretary at the school I taught at, and told her to send me down with my camera. It is nice to live in a small community sometimes.
deianeira · 2015-01-23: 14:41
Love all these captures..I had a kestrel in my "bird" tree last year..I had to look twice..I knew he was a large bird :-)
Thank you! That is very neat. I hope he wasn't hunting near your feeders! I just caught another one today. They're getting easier to spot on the sides of the road.
borogovoi · 2015-01-23: 09:37
Love the colors and textures..and old giant. Congrats from me to you!
Thank you so much ... ;o) Grazie
lukesmom · 2015-01-22: 20:09
Love the rings..a good idea. Congrats!
Thanks much!
lukesmom · 2015-01-22: 20:08
Reply ⇔ Staples
I like sea salt..this has much bigger grains than regular.
Yes, definitely larger grains :) Thanks!
kristerrence · 2015-01-22: 03:11
kristerrence "He didn't want to leave the McD that had a train going around overhead..pouted and I didn't pay him any attention..got in the car and he said "GG, did you see my face " pout pout. I told him we would come back later :-)))"
*that is so funny, he would do anything for you to notice him pouting. lol. so adorable! :))
kristerrence · 2015-01-22: 02:43
Reply ⇔ WARMTH
Very beautiful!
thanks, sara! have a wonderful day!
kristerrence · 2015-01-22: 02:04
Yes, I suppose that's true..I hate to see a woman's light put out by sorrow and hard times.
absolutely! every woman should be strong enough not to let their lights go dim. thank you, sara. :)
JustmeG · 2015-01-21: 22:45
Lovely shot and thought :-)
thank you again :)
JustmeG · 2015-01-21: 22:41
Gorgeous sky colors and composition.
thank you, thank you! :)