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Karramba · 2014-11-20: 18:08
Interesting scene..love the b/w for winter.
Thank you so much :-)
marilynx · 2014-11-20: 15:03
A great expo! I love Des too :-)
Haha, lovely comment, I wou favour it if I could!
TEOMONTANA · 2014-11-20: 01:55
Great photos...however, it hurts me to see people smoke after watching my dad die at 62 and my sister at 49! Horrible thing, lung cancer.
Thank you for sharing this comment,and this is sad...
lukesmom · 2014-11-19: 21:19
Reply ⇔ A Good Meal
Looks so delicious..will try the recipe.
Thanks! Definitely try it. Even my husband commented on how much he liked it! That's a sure seal of approval :)
dbaird90 · 2014-11-19: 21:00
Looks like a delightful place..nice shots.
Thank you. We really enjoy it here.
StillBill · 2014-11-19: 19:28
Soooooooooooooo beautiful snow scenes..Love #2, 3, 7 and 10 most.
Thanks so much. I've enjoyed a few days of it but will be glad to see
it melt this weekend as I know we'll have plenty later........when it's time.
GoBlues · 2014-11-19: 17:38
I'm so happy the cardinals are there..yet to come back here!
I'm sure they will come to visit you, after they are done visiting me :) You always, somehow manage to get such great captures!!!
finbarr · 2014-11-19: 17:10
Sweet! Wish I could hear it :-)
Thank you !
marilynx · 2014-11-19: 14:07
Big congratulations! Wonderful feeling I am sure :-) Glad you had this opportunity to show your talent!
Thanks Sara - it was a fun day ...
Bzh29 · 2014-11-19: 07:46
Love the last shot..pleasant place to picnic.
Walking trails follow the seacoast line ... :-))