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Eiram · 2016-06-18: 11:26
Reply ⇔ Evening walk
Great place for a picnic :-) Just took a deep breath and relaxed looking at this scene.
:) thank you so much for your kind comments!
steveandjustyna · 2016-06-18: 11:25
Love having these in my yard also! Here all year..I'll have to try the peanut butter sandwiches for them!
Oh cool!!! Many of our birds love the mini-peanut butter sandwiches! We make a gallon ziplock bag full of it and store it in a fridge. Recently, with so many baby-birds showing up, a whole big bag lasts max 3 days.
steveandjustyna · 2016-06-18: 11:15
Wonderful photography..love each one.
Thank you so much!!!
Margarethe · 2016-06-18: 11:06
I am so happy that you posted these! Beautiful. By the way, answer a comment with the "reply" so it goes directly to the person commenting. She may not visit this site to see your answer.
Thanks for setting me straight on the reply button. I would be a pain for everyone to go back and check for return comments. I didn"t think of that.
LouiH · 2016-06-18: 05:19
Amazing shot..well done.
A bit of rain set the shot 😀
MinChan · 2016-06-17: 13:55
Reply ⇔ Cosmos
Lovely color..I have never had pink, just orange and yellow.
oh, really? I didn't know there are other colors. In Poland I saw just pink. :)
Sept7 · 2016-06-17: 04:11
The last one is amazing color and clarity.
Thank you. They do not keep the pose easyly . :))
phyllis007 · 2016-06-16: 21:30
Reply ⇔ Old Barn
We have been in that area..very nice shot.
thank you.....so glad you were able to see the amazing area first hand
dogydad2 · 2016-06-16: 16:32
dogydad2 Always a pleasure, Sara~
busybee · 2016-06-16: 15:50
Love, love the pink poppy! I always asked my daughter about my flowers when we were traveling :-) Have a wonderful trip! Send photos!
Thank you will post some pics......when I'm not resting in my sun chair😎