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armando · 2014-08-11: 07:17
Nice shots of them..would love to try some like the first one :-)
It is not easy, because the sweet egg must be placed inside ...
angil · 2014-08-11: 05:08
I love the glitter of bling..real and fake. :-) Pretty hand shot.
Thanks Sara
timepiece · 2014-08-11: 04:45
Reply ⇔ Birds eye view?
All lovely bird shots..#4 is my fav
Thanks very much for your kind comments - #4 seems popular with many!!!!!
timepiece · 2014-08-11: 04:44
I love clocks too..especially if they are still working! Great captures.
Thanks very much - its a shame that so many mechanical clocks are now dying through lack of the skills required to repair them....
stormfish · 2014-08-11: 04:35
Great and interesting shots...love the rippling water in the last..good work!
thanks :-) water is so common and yet not quite so easy to photograph... because, obviously, it moves.
finbarr · 2014-08-11: 03:11
Reply ⇔ Moon
Great! I captured it too..the other way around.
Thank you !
McMommy · 2014-08-10: 23:42
How great! Guess that is white frosting with black food coloring??
Thanks Sara...its marshmallow fondant...it can be made into any colour... Even black! :)
LouiH · 2014-08-10: 23:20
Those faces are so cute!
A picture of concentration!
Saipanhohhot · 2014-08-10: 15:09
Very nice..pretty and peaceful look.
It was a nice find.
kccheyne · 2014-08-10: 08:06
All spectacular! (Tell me your secret..camera and lens) Pleeeeease?
I use a Nikon D70s the most. It is a ten year old camera. I usually pair it with a 300 or 500 Nikon zoom lens. I also have a Nikon d5000. It is just a few years old. I use this with the 300 zoom sometimes and smaller lenses. Thanks for the comments you leave. They are always so positive.