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Bzh29 · 2016-04-22: 13:30
Love that pooch!
He is more handsome than his master ! :-))
JustmeG · 2016-04-22: 08:39
So pretty! Yes, I love shortcake..and I bake a white cake, mix strawberries (sweetened a little) with cool whip and spread between layers and on top..truly my family's favorite.
That sounds great! I bet a homemade cake is ten times better than a store bought one! I'm not much for baking but I know I'd greatly appreciate it if someone did that for me :)) Have a good weekend!
JustmeG · 2016-04-22: 08:38
Reply ⇔ Joy........
wonderful spring shot.
thank you!
angil · 2016-04-22: 04:28
He is an excellent photographer.
gonia · 2016-04-22: 02:40
Fantastic shots..love that beautiful water and would love to go on glass bottom boat!
Me too Sara. We traveled in another boat white - red. Comini, Gozo and Malta itself are fantastic places!
Bzh29 · 2016-04-21: 10:20
Beautiful and is not crowded :-)
Never to much people on this beach .
timepiece · 2016-04-21: 09:43
Reply ⇔ Norfolk Stay -2
Cozy place! Love all the old things, charming. You two can find the most interesting places! (and pastry shops).
Thanks very much! We always try to ensure there are coffee/pastry stops wherever we go!!!!!
asiamack · 2016-04-21: 07:41
I like the looks of the first one, don't know about the other :-) Interesting differences in breakfast..you eat a lot of fish which is good.
You'll love these breakfast. The first one is also called 'paratha roti' and is sold at many Asian shops in the UK and Europe and even the USA and Canada. The second is just rice spaghetti in fish soup and a bit of chilli paste to add to taste.
Thanks for surfing by.
Have a great day
borogovoi · 2016-04-21: 04:29
Wonderful composition..wish I were there too!
Thank you so much my Dear ... Have a nice day ahead !!!!
angil · 2016-04-21: 04:13
Magnificent shots..brings out all that detailed beauty. Wish I had your lens :-)))
My lens is a regular Canon 18-135 mm. :-))