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stabeez · 2015-02-19: 19:20
So pretty in the woods. I would like a little of that :-)
It might not be so bad if it warmed up, Sarah. The snow is not as bad as the cold.... unless yu have to shovel it. Tonight is supposed to be -26C (15 below F) )and when we factor in the wind it will feel like -36C (-33F).
MoMac · 2015-02-19: 18:18
Because your lens focused on the deer this close in the last..love this shot.
phyllis007 · 2015-02-19: 12:44
Fog just makes a mysterious addition to this pretty place..I love Oregon coast!
the Oregon coast is one of my favorite spots.....we try to visit there several times a year
rmjannette · 2015-02-19: 12:19
Reply ⇔ family
Love a campfire and family around it..looks too hot to roast marshmallows if that is what they are doing. Wonderful, tender shot.
ha ha. yes they burnt those marshmallows for sure. I think we made more once the fire died down.
delightfulpink · 2015-02-19: 11:24
Reply ⇔ Two Hearts
Your words are so true..everyone needs a little kindness. Love the yellow flower.
yes, that is true! thank you very very much
marilynx · 2015-02-19: 10:58
Reply ⇔ FRAMED
Love, love this display. Yes, my sis has all of her professionally framed (to sell or keep)..worth it. The frame can add so much to the photo.
Spot on Sara. Mx
borogovoi · 2015-02-19: 03:19
Lovey Italian shots! Love the lamps.
;o) Thank you,
Have a nice day my friend !!!
detection52 · 2015-02-18: 16:55
That's a huge one..love to watch them.
Yes thank you, it is true that it is a pleasure to watch, especially this they are becoming increasingly rare!
timepiece · 2015-02-18: 12:06
So cute! That little one looks like he's full of personality :-) Good for them to help.
He certainly is a great little character - they always like to be involved.
solagratia · 2015-02-18: 03:12
Reply ⇔ Hills
Gorgeous pale colors!
Thank you very much :)