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GoBlues · 2014-11-13: 20:03
Reply ⇔ Friends
At first I didn't see him...love this shot..all I have right now are small birds..cardinals will be here soon.
Thanks!!! We have lots of cardinals; but, they so fast and it is hard for me to usually capture them....
noptek · 2014-11-13: 14:44
Very nice first one..like the composition as well as reflection.
Thanks !!
SADHYA · 2014-11-13: 05:05
Reply ⇔ Summer's end #5
So lovely and delicate..what are the white wispy ones?
Thanks Sara. The white whispy ones (and the blue ones) are Cornflowers.
JustmeG · 2014-11-12: 18:51
Well done..#1 and 2 are glorious. Love the kitty's expression in #3..sweet look in the eyes..just like my Gracie!
His name is "Sweetling"....because he really does have a sweet personality. thank you!
manusignea · 2014-11-12: 15:59
Reply ⇔ The Kitten
Looks like a sweet kitty to me :-)
Oh yeah, really sweet. :)
rmjannette · 2014-11-12: 14:21
Reply ⇔ Mojave moonrise
This is a spectacular scene! Did it get very cold at night?
thank you. this id truly one of my favorite places on Earth. it was not too cold although for us in Southern California..... it felt cold. high of 79 during the day and a low of 45 at night. we sleep in our camper.
kONTHEROAD0212 · 2014-11-12: 06:51
Love watching this gorgeous couple!
Thank you. But their relathionship seems to have a problem :-)
kristerrence · 2014-11-12: 01:41
Oh, I want those choco pancakes! All look delicious..gotta go eat.
thanks for the comment, sara! :) the choco pancakes are yours. :) i'm ok with the bacon :))
lukesmom · 2014-11-11: 20:11
Yes, we're thankful for them!
Yes! Thank you!
gonia · 2014-11-11: 12:46
Reply ⇔ Foggy day
Lovely shots...they look a little mysterious with the fog..#3 and 6 and my favs.
thank you very much My Dear Sara! Greetings. Maggie