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Karramba · 2015-07-10: 09:00
Delicious looking kings :-) I'm buying on sale and putting in freezer..peaches too.
Thank you! Freezing is clever way to keep summer for little bit longer but I love to eat fresh strawberries with whipped cream :)
angil · 2015-07-09: 11:34
Beautiful #2
Thank you Sara
marilynx · 2015-07-09: 10:47
Gorgeous shots! Such clarity and color!
Thank you Sara, you are most kind. Mxx
delightfulpink · 2015-07-08: 08:55
Love the bright colors in first one! Yes, I agree with your philosophy..I'm happy with mine too..we all feel depressed or neglected, overworked and under-appreciated at times..but look up and around..beauty and inspiration can be found if we look!
awww yes, you are sooooo right! I agree with you 100%! so true :)) thank you very much!
angil · 2015-07-08: 04:07
Gorgeous colors..love #5
More to come. :-)
beth0110 · 2015-07-07: 22:48
Reply ⇔ Columbia River
Just Gorgeous! Congratulations! We loved it there too.
hi Sara! did you camp in the same area? or are you referring to the gorge area. it is spectacular. we had a camp spot that our big back window was facing the river. very nice campground with lots of trees for much needed shade. it was 104 degrees that day when we arrived.
dogydad2 · 2015-07-07: 21:40
Beautiful #2
Thanks Sara! It was a great evening! As you can see, in the last one, how close we were to the action! The explosions rattled my windows! It was my first attempt at firework captures. It was fun trying to figure out best manual settings, especially for a beginner, like myself.....
dogydad2 · 2015-07-07: 21:29
dogydad2 Your work=my pleasure!
Borii · 2015-07-07: 17:14
Very cute..beautiful dog.
Thank you.:)
benjamww · 2015-07-07: 16:43
Wonderful shots! So many are trying to tear America apart..thanks so much for this inspiring post!
thank you,...and don't worry about America :-) ….one of the assets that makes america strong and attractive is its diversity.