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darfoster · 2014-10-15: 00:56
Reply ⇔ I've Been Away!
Glad she is ok so you can get away :-) Love, love these colorful aspen shots..I remember what it was like to see that blaze of glory on the hillsides..the last one I love..we were surprised to learn that aspen tree trunks are light green and not white!
Thanks so much. Where did you learn that Aspen trunks were light green and not white. They look pretty white to me and I don't believe I've ever seen one that looks light green. Maybe I need to look closer, but I've been looking at them for 60+ years.
karabana · 2014-10-14: 21:37
All "around" gold :-) So pretty.
Many thanks.
deianeira · 2014-10-14: 19:00
Marvelous colors and light! Love the first and the last best. I have collected several leaves and painting a collage of them..it won't be as beautiful with light as your #5
Thank you very much! What a great idea, a leaf collage. Maybe you'll post a photo of your results? They really do spark the imagination, don't they?
StillBill · 2014-10-14: 17:44
Gorgeous!! Love love #1, 2 and 3 :-)))
Thank you !
angil · 2014-10-14: 16:43
You had a nice welcome committee! Love the sunlight sparkles in the first one.
More of these further on. Thanks Sara
Karramba · 2014-10-14: 16:06
Reply ⇔ Why so serious?
That's a really long shadow in first one..cool shot.
Thank you very much!
LouiH · 2014-10-14: 16:02
Great shot in the last one..we have cooler days here..love them :-)
Great cuddle weather
noptek · 2014-10-14: 13:42
Using their muscles and strength on these awesome lean bodies :-)
Thanks !!
StillBill · 2014-10-13: 21:24
Reply ⇔ Just practicing
Ooooooooooooo love these! Great brown/white paint horse and wonderful horse and rider in #8 and 10 :-))
Thank you !!
deianeira · 2014-10-13: 19:54
Wow..great poses and shots..#3 my favs..so sexy.
Thank you very much! It takes a lot of nerve for me both to shoot these and then post them, but it's such a great learning experience in so many ways. I appreciate your comments a lot!