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angil · 2016-06-12: 04:37
Reply ⇔ DNA
wow..very interesting post..I love scrolling down..#3 is fabulous.
Thank you so much dear Sara
dogydad2 · 2016-06-11: 23:52
All gorgeous! A beautiful, calm post..love the first one. favs.
Thank You, Sara!
It was a lovely time to be there & here & there again.......(grin)
McMommy · 2016-06-11: 16:06
Reply ⇔ 53/100
Beautiful refreshing shot!
Thanks Sara :)
SADHYA · 2016-06-10: 17:54
SADHYA Here the Blacksmith used to do the whole job from making the shoe to nailing it on and trimming the toe nails. When I was a child there was a Blacksmith just down the lane and when the horses were brought to him, outside his hot smithie, I would run to watch. This was in a very rural location.

goshaa · 2016-06-10: 10:28
yes, paradise.
thank you very much. As well your garden is like paradise too!
MoMac · 2016-06-10: 10:13
It is hidden..like that.
We only discovered it the last day of our holiday!!!
Karramba · 2016-06-10: 04:45
Everyone has a frown on his face..we had a week of it too..gone now! Great shots.
People don't like to get wet :) Thank you!
Karramba · 2016-06-10: 04:39
I like the first one..Great eye!
Thank you!
Karramba · 2016-06-10: 04:37
Reply ⇔ Abandoned brush
That little brush inspired a great shot!
Thank you very much for your nice comment :)
borogovoi · 2016-06-10: 04:24
Very beautiful colors and art..nice shots.
Thank you my Dear ... Happy Friday ;o)