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Dropblue · 2015-12-30: 03:00
Thank you so much, dear friend :-)
Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!:)
Karramba · 2015-12-29: 18:02
Yes, it is magical..lovely professional look to tree.
Thank you so much :)
Karramba · 2015-12-29: 17:45
Great capture! Hope his boss doesn't see this :-)
I don't think so :) Thank you!
ChickensNest · 2015-12-28: 23:46
Reply ⇔ More piggies?!
Good luck! It's a cutie :-)
Thanks! I feel a steep learning curve (in regards to showing) coming on!
ChickensNest · 2015-12-28: 23:45
Reply ⇔ Oh Deer!!
Congrats to him!
Thank you!
ChickensNest · 2015-12-28: 23:45
Reply ⇔ Old barns
Oh my sis and I love old barns too. She paints them, I just photograph them. We were raised on a cattle farm and had a big picturesque hay barn. Wish it was still standing. Lovely photo.
Thank you! I would of loved to grown up on a farm!!
ChickensNest · 2015-12-28: 23:44
Reply ⇔ Thinner flock
So cute! My sis has hens and get colorful eggs.
I want colorful eggs too!! Think I might have to slowly start adding in some new girls. Maybe that way my husband won't notice so much. Hahaha
dogydad2 · 2015-12-28: 21:13
Thank you dear friend..great Texas lighting :-)
Thanks, Sara! Happy New Year!
stabeez · 2015-12-28: 15:30
Wonderful Christmas family photo..we have seven tries..not one perfect :-)
Thank you. This was one of many and it is easy to pick out what I should do next time, like have myself further from the camera with the remote, but it is still fun to have a photo to look back on and compare in future years. My daughter was looking at one from 2010, recently, before three of the grandkids were born.
marilynx · 2015-12-28: 14:45
I know, me too. Gorgeous color and shot.
I hate saying goodbye, but I do get very much more tired these days. Mx