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04-17-08 Look What We Found

While out for a leisurely walk, I saw that a neighbor's tulips were too pretty to pass up. I also had the chance to photograph the wisteria that is wrapped around a pine tree. It's the craziest thing! And it is super high...kind of amazing looking, actually.

The whole walk we had to keep picking dandelions for Cash to blow, or attempt to blow. He makes the noise, but no air comes out. It's pretty funny to watch. :)

Now that TCAP is pretty much over, tomorrow is our last day, I have begun to think about the last few weeks of school. It's fantastic in the sense that there aren't as many academic demands, so we have a little more freedom in our lessons. Not to say that we don't do anything, in fact, we have to keep a rigorous schedule to keep the kids from getting chaotic. However, I have more time to incorporate more artistic endeavors and more projects. I love it.

May is always extremely busy at school, too. The days fly by...yay! Summer will be here before you know it.

Full of anticipation,
Tracy Nichole
Andrea67 nice....
Andrea67 · 2008-04-17: 17:51
Queen911 Beautiful. I love #6
Queen911 · 2008-04-17: 17:59
aknor I am really loving all of these flower post's - these are absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing :)
aknor · 2008-04-17: 18:13
ambersunsets What beautiful tulips! I really like the perspective and dof in #4. Cash's little clutch on the dandelion is adorable:)
I agree about the end of the year....I hope I can remember how to teach creatively:)
Yay for May!!
ambersunsets · 2008-04-17: 18:26
????? those tulips are so pretty ..Cash looks so cute and I love that he tires to blow but no air comes out :)
????? · 2008-04-17: 18:47
superscoffer thank you! your flower post is GORGEOUS!!!
and your son, a handsome little boy.
superscoffer · 2008-04-17: 19:54
oldbabe Oh, what a feast for sore eyes! Thanks!
Are you sure that "lilac" isn't wisteria ;-) Great photo of it.
Cash is supposed to make a wish when he blows too...and send the seeds off to the fairies to hear his wish. (And good luck on teaching what a wish is)!
oldbabe · 2008-04-17: 20:48
????? beautiful flowers!
????? · 2008-04-17: 21:24
mrutherford22 Love #1, 5, and 6. BEAUTIFUL colors!! So refreshing! Glad things are winding down for you. It's almost Friday! Woot Woot!
mrutherford22 · 2008-04-17: 22:23
merin1011 Gorgeous!! Such bright, springy colors! And your little man... just as cute as always. :) :)
merin1011 · 2008-04-17: 22:29
veganess Oh man, I can't wait to see color like that spring up!! We're still expecting snow around the weekend. I am so ready for a change.
veganess · 2008-04-18: 01:05
Peche hehehe Cash is so adorable!! :D
I used to obsess over those things when I was little - I had to grab any if I saw them when my parents and I were out walking :)
I still do it... lol
Glad to hear that, whilst you will be busy, the harder part of teaching is over for the week... :)
Peche · 2008-04-18: 04:50
acididko beautiful post!
acididko · 2008-04-18: 11:58
????? Good post thanks we got snow to-day.
????? · 2008-04-18: 12:01
Kovac Great tulips!
Kovac · 2008-04-18: 14:05
Chevy Gorgeous flowers! I wish I had a bunch of those to walk past :0)
Your son is adorable
Chevy · 2008-04-18: 20:29
BreezyOnTheEyes woo! tests over, summer on it's way, a cutie pie, a leisurely walk AND beautiful flowers!?! that's some day you had! hehe love the set!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-04-18: 22:03
ncshutterbug Absolutely gorgeous set! It's difficult to pick a favorite.

The wisteria has gone crazy around here this year. Unfortunately, I've not found a good spot to photograph it, but it sure is pretty!
ncshutterbug · 2008-04-18: 23:25
????? those are beautiful!
????? · 2008-04-19: 22:19
Iriss So pretty...I love the long shot with the tree tangled, great composion!; )
Iriss · 2008-04-20: 12:07
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