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A best friend

As some of you may already know, life has been pretty sad of late. In late January, I had to say goodbye to a family member, and a best friend: our 15 and a half year old dachshund, Boz. His loss is still incredibly hard to bear, and while I have many photos and memories to look back on, it's still too early to sit down and feel happy looking at them. Hopefully I can share a few more with you as the months pass. I took this shot of us on his last day with us - we spent a lovely afternoon in the summer sun on our back verandah.

Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why I've lost a bit of zest for posting. I hope to catch up more with all of you in the coming weeks.
borogovoi wooow so nice picture ! ciao
borogovoi · 2010-03-14: 19:14
DancingDolphin this is an adorable shot...
DancingDolphin · 2010-03-14: 19:18
Amethystia Awwwwww... I'm so sorry... This is such a sweet photo. He must've had a great life with you. Hope you feel better, when you're ready. I miss your posts.
Amethystia · 2010-03-14: 19:50
livelovelaugh I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely pic and am sure holds beautiful memories. :)
livelovelaugh · 2010-03-15: 00:35
revenant I'm so very sorry. I know how painful this can be. Do talk about it as much as possible to absorb the grief.
revenant · 2010-03-15: 03:51
etodd80 I'm very sorry Jess. He looks like he was very sweet. I can imagine how you must feel. I hope you are able to look back and feel happy about his memory soon.
etodd80 · 2010-03-15: 10:50
mystic1 Sorry for your loss thats a hard one to deal with I have gone thru losses like that.............Thanks for sharing one of your shots of your friend
mystic1 · 2010-03-15: 18:28
tomie you're both lovely on this picture! i understand what you feel, tomie is only 9 years old...and i'm yet thinking to the day he will leave.
tomie · 2010-03-18: 05:29
Fali84 aw lovely picture! Sorry for your loss..I don't have a pet but then I can imagine how attached one gets overtime..
Fali84 · 2010-03-19: 01:41
caroleagle It is a beautiful double portrait. I am sorry that he's gone. He looks very very lovely.
caroleagle · 2010-03-20: 15:02
mahdi55 salam بسیار زیبا .سگ دوست داشتنی داری.lovely dog.......
mahdi55 · 2010-12-01: 10:28
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