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lyency · 2012-09-19: 09:11
lyency unlikely, in budapest we have mostly pilsner rather than sweet ale
lyency · 2012-09-19: 08:56
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this must be a lager
you bet
yellodog · 2012-09-04: 15:59
yes, wearing hakuna matata together with Thor's hammer... one must be protected even in afterlife
Or at least on the commuter train.
DancingDolphin · 2012-09-03: 16:37
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good one
Thanks, again. I liked this too but I felt like others didn't so much. 8^)
DancingDolphin · 2012-09-03: 16:36
love your projects
Thanks so much... fun way to kill time. 8^)
yellodog · 2012-08-05: 09:49
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these are super cool
Thanks, yes, I was pretty happy with these myself. Possibly the best I've done.
yellodog · 2012-08-05: 09:43
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the photograph with sound
yellodog · 2012-06-16: 15:25
good to see your photograph on the front page
Thanks Martina, how's it going?
stormfish · 2012-06-06: 04:41
stormfish it doesn't matter if there are limits. these are just words. and words have no whatsoever power, they can't hurt, they can't do anything.

besides, i meant my remark more or less as a mocking compliment then an insult; i very much liked your reasoning why you took of the other pictures from that post. :-) there are cultural references where being called a "mean little bitch" is equivalent to somenone bowing in front of a woman with a strong character; but i did ignore the probability that you may not be familiar with these references... so, i apologize.
stormfish · 2012-06-06: 04:23
stormfish i apologize. this is the internet, not a pub. have a good day.