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yellodog · 2012-08-05: 09:43
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the photograph with sound
yellodog · 2012-06-16: 15:25
good to see your photograph on the front page
Thanks Martina, how's it going?
stormfish · 2012-06-06: 04:41
stormfish it doesn't matter if there are limits. these are just words. and words have no whatsoever power, they can't hurt, they can't do anything.

besides, i meant my remark more or less as a mocking compliment then an insult; i very much liked your reasoning why you took of the other pictures from that post. :-) there are cultural references where being called a "mean little bitch" is equivalent to somenone bowing in front of a woman with a strong character; but i did ignore the probability that you may not be familiar with these references... so, i apologize.
stormfish · 2012-06-06: 04:23
stormfish i apologize. this is the internet, not a pub. have a good day.
yellodog · 2012-03-10: 14:28
yellodog Well, a backside is a start ;)
stormfish · 2012-03-02: 08:42
stormfish uhhhh... and i tried to pronounce your slovenian "big black bull" - with all the "tsch" in it! messed up my keayboard with splutter! :-) lovely language...
stormfish · 2012-03-02: 08:20
stormfish ok, too - so actually, doing bad. ok doesn't count for me.

and its interesting that you like the analogue effect as a result of HDR... i like the artificial alienation of it! this here looked much different in original and isn't at all how i saw it with my eyes.

i wanna be back there right now. for the rest of the year.
stormfish · 2012-03-02: 08:04
the first one is very body-scape.
the second one looks like from another movie, kind of sedative - is this one analogue?
"body-scape" is such a nice word. reminds me, somehow, of my recent yoga attempts :-)

no, the second one is digital as can be. it's my first (and probably last) attempt on using "HDR" technique to improve a shot. strange colors i got. how are you?
trifusz · 2012-03-01: 04:13
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this whole series "byway" is a really cool one
thanks for your attention
yellodog · 2012-02-25: 11:18
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actually my first idea was a giant Lego man
That's me all right, a giant Lego man...