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Sand Sculptures Solo Runners Up

2nd Place - Rich Varano | USA
Title: "Cascadia – A Sand Fantasea"
3rd place - Walter MacDonald | USA
Title: "Poor Planning"
This is again the 3rd place entry. Same shot just edited to enhance, and draw attention to the work and not the surroundings.
Enlarge for better view.
4th place - Matt Diebert | USA
Title: "Glory Lost and Restored"
5th place - Sudarsan Pattnaik | India
Title: "Save the Sea"
6th place - Helena Bangert | Netherlands
Title: "Going for a Ride"

Now go back and look again remembering that these works are made of SAND.

I posted the winning sculpture by John Gowdy, entitled Young Love Never Grows Old", a few days back.
davidcardona Amazing!
davidcardona · 2010-10-08: 09:04
????? wonderful art creations here! so cool captures :)
????? · 2010-10-08: 09:09
atszabo These are fantastic! But will the first rain wash these away?
atszabo · 2010-10-08: 10:00
Frikica Great! Creations are amazing!
Frikica · 2010-10-08: 10:00
imrepapa Fantastic sculptures, and great processing!
imrepapa · 2010-10-08: 10:38
rozemarijn great set, great sculptures :)
rozemarijn · 2010-10-08: 11:10
MARETKA88 These are really amazing...thanks
MARETKA88 · 2010-10-08: 12:12
????? Fantastic. Love the last: Going for a ride
????? · 2010-10-08: 12:49
josy63 Amazing shot Ray and with details so beautiful and so fragile!
josy63 · 2010-10-08: 14:56
wildduck Amazing!
wildduck · 2010-10-08: 15:14
????? Wow!!! This is stunning job!! Amazing composition, light, and exposure!
????? · 2010-10-08: 15:20
djnana These have been captivating shots, Ray! I would have loved to see them for myself, so this is the next best thing - your shots have shown us wonderful facets of these creations. I can't comprehend the free-spanning areas. How do you get sand to be cohesive and not fall into the opening???
djnana · 2010-10-08: 18:52
Jarvo Beautiful shots. What I found particularly interesting was that the edited one (#3) looked as if it could be a table top version, whereas the original (#2) looks bigger and is clearly on the ground.
Jarvo · 2010-10-08: 19:25
paulamarquis It is incredible what they can do with sand! great pics. I'm with Djnana-- next best thing to being there. would love to see it! maybe next year.
paulamarquis · 2010-10-08: 19:51
????? These are phenomenal and you did an amazing job capturing them. I was just about to ask where the hell was first place and then I read that I need to go back.

Going now.
????? · 2010-10-08: 22:03
darfoster These are so fabulous! Your edit in #3 is lovely, but it seems to make the sculpture appear smaller to me. Don't know why and it really doesn't matter. They are still amazing and so well photographed!
darfoster · 2010-10-08: 22:15
????? Wonderful set!!!
????? · 2010-10-08: 23:38
????? Wow incredible work, and you registered so very well!!
????? · 2010-10-09: 06:34
onlyricky 1# and 5# look so magical!:)
onlyricky · 2010-10-09: 07:47
shahraki COOL-well done
shahraki · 2010-10-09: 08:36
cariad Fantastic .....absolutely beautiful sculptures and well captured
cariad · 2010-10-09: 09:05
JustGarden Nice set. Unbelievable talent.
JustGarden · 2010-10-09: 09:10
photosbydebbie Oh WOW! I was never able to accomplish this with my shovel and pail. Beautiful set,Ray.
photosbydebbie · 2010-10-09: 10:23
????? Really fantastic works!
????? · 2010-10-10: 01:30
tomie fantastic work!
tomie · 2010-10-10: 03:13
Robin77 oh wow those are fantastic! thanks for sharing
Robin77 · 2010-10-10: 15:50
SunflowerGirl Great details you caught in these. Well done.
SunflowerGirl · 2010-10-13: 11:14
????? ok, loving that last shot, but a word of advice, when using the surface blur option on PS, I wouldn't go any farther than 65 on the threshhold and less than 20 on the radius. I sometimes appy a slight surface blur, then go back and use the blur tool for any spots that might need a little extra blur. When using too much of a surface blur, you get that halo affect around the edges of the object that you want to focus on and it doesnt look so great. Too much blur rarely looks good. Rarely do I ever apply the surface blur or any type of blur right along the edged of any object I want to focus on. The secret is to go back and use the blur tool to blur the edges a little. I know, its time consuming, but the effect is much more aesthetically pleasing. :-) Nice subject though.
????? · 2010-10-13: 23:42
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