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borogovoi · 2014-03-30: 08:51
2 and 3 are super nice compositions.
You are very Welcome ... Thank you !!!
lookagain · 2014-03-01: 15:41
Cool project. You should have had a contest to guess what your Z post will be!
Haha....Z is done, just haven't posted. Wish you would have said it sooner cause that WOULD have been a fun challenge! :))
MoMac · 2014-03-01: 12:36
Reply ⇔ Sunday gallery
Wow. I'm still trying to master my stick figures.
Annbramwell · 2014-03-01: 11:43
Reply ⇔ conservatory...
It's been a while since I've visited photoblog, but it seems the last time I did you guys were building something or other. When you are done with your project, Ill put you all up at my place and you can expand my dwelling!
When we are finished building this, we will be so exhausted we wont want to build anything else, (or too old) but we would be very good advisors...
durban · 2014-03-01: 10:29
Reply ⇔ .
Ha! So you flubbed the shot?
no such thing.... hahaha
lookagain · 2013-08-04: 09:17
Great moment and beautiful capture. I need to get out of my yard and stop shooting bugs and flowers.
Your yard shots are great, Ray! But, yeah, always good to expand your horizons :))
mattmckenna · 2013-07-29: 16:04
Reply ⇔ The Blue Hour
A bridge is not a bridge. This one is a great modern design. Nice that you were able to get a reflection.
thanks Ray
darfoster · 2013-07-24: 10:37
Love the first. But all beautiful. I need to start planting more varieties of flowers!
Thanks so much!
josy63 · 2013-07-23: 14:03
Creamy delights. Very nice.
Thank you Ray :)
darfoster · 2013-07-14: 17:49
Another set of beautiful postcards!
Thanks so much!