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Theme/books - Coincidentally…

I think the description says it all really...
I gather that the works of Von Gotha are sold to more women than men - certainly in France anyway. Remarkable as, from their content, it would appear to be the opposite. The lady engrossed here is my friend Leona - she who's ruby lips adorn one of last week's blogs. Incidentally the words referred to there are from a poem by William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585-1649) - amazing turn of phrase our ancestors had!
Well – it is a small world isn’t it! There I was blogging about the books I am reading and there I am going on about Boris Johnson and …
Today I am just walking along the platform at Highbury and Islington and who do I see approaching me? None other than the unmistakable form of Boris!

It was not a happy Boris though, it was a cursing Boris - complaining about the ‘b….. tube, the b….. shambles and lots of other b…..’s. It made me think, if this is what the main opposition candidate for Mayor of London is like just because the tubes are crowded…

Well he won’t get my vote!

Then I learn that my friend Claude has, without having seen my blog, changed my name in her phone to Laurie (see the family book).

And finally, I look at my emails and there is Von Gotha complaining that whilst I have written bits about other books I haven’t said much about him. Well I guess I should be flattered that the great man – aka The Baron – has bothered to read my blog at all. So here goes.

I can exclusively reveal that the next publication to feature the unique art of Erich Von Gotha will be a second book illustrating a Pierre Louys manuscript of the turn of the last century (see Journal de Sartine in yesterday’s blog). This time the book is solely about the fair sex I am told and he plans to set it in an 1899 French girl's school…very Colette if you ask me.

Anyway dear friend I hope that has put the balance right! Maybe you could even leave a comment on the blog???

mintra Yes the world is small my friend.
I have many stories re.bumping into people that you would never in a million years think it would be pos.
And I cannot believe he 's b... and ...b in public..is he stupid or is he stupid?

Thanks for sharing your story.
mintra · 2008-03-06: 14:36
Kovac Very interresting :)
Kovac · 2008-03-06: 14:55
Robertthebob On his performance today.... None!
Robertthebob · 2008-03-06: 15:57
tomie interesting! we have yet a boris as president...
tomie · 2008-03-06: 16:37
AlexandraPechabaden Oh Laurie!!!
Great blog. I was hoping for more crispy details of what happened when you met Boris earlier! The fact that you grinned at him as he was swearing! what he was wearing! what the tube was like! What words did he actually say!
AlexandraPechabaden · 2008-03-06: 17:56
Robertthebob Well he was wearing a grey suit and walking along the platform - no one else had got off - and he had obviously lost his temper and was swearing and muttering and - well I was walking towards him and I just grinned straight at him and he shut up for a moment and then started again. Just not what you expect a polititian to be doing really!
Robertthebob · 2008-03-06: 20:06
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