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Frustration and Fortitude!

I think this may be a Banksy - but I am not certain. It's good anyway.
It has been quite a strange weekend. After the delights of Saturday morning and a light meal I set off for Kentish Town and a gig by God’s Mama which features Sybil Madrigal as vocalist and who I was really keen to see in action rather than just reading her poetry. It’s an odd journey to Kentish Town – nothing seems to go across sensibly – well there is the north London Line – but I am never sure about that. So it was a bus to Angel, complete with the usual drunks – both old and young and off onto the Northern Line. The platform was packed with lovely young things off to the Camden Crawl, I sat opposite a girl in grey woollen tights – bark hair and quite delicious…. Oh well, dream on Robert!

Everyone piled off at Camden and left me to go on one stop and emerge at Kentish Town. More drunks. Out of the Station and over the road to the Bull and Gate. I was greeted with
“We don’t know if they are playing – they didn’t arrive for a sound check”. Decide to go for a walk for half an hour. Is there a more depressing high street than Kentish Town High Street ? Difficult to imagine, it’s dull, lifeless and has an air of desolation. Which is surprising as it’s such a busy road and so close to bustling Camden.

Enough! Half an hour later back to venue. Now they have information, Sybil has lost her voice – they have cancelled. So its wander aimlessly round Camden looking at all the lively young things and back home for some delicious but only barely warm soup and some cheese.

So that was Saturday. Sunday started well with some Toulouse sausages and lentils and the discovery that slow cooking sausages in a sauté pan really isn’t right. Know that already really but still try – fast cooking produced much better results and a tasty lunch!

In the afternoon I decided to go out and see something uplifting! Chose carefully and set off to the Southbank in search of some Berg and Mahler – Ok opinions as to whether Berg can be uplifting are varied but…
243 bus as a change (goes via Holborn) and an interesting ride think I spot a Banksy at Old Street (see picture) – no drunks and no free newspapers- so a bit boring. Going down Holborn Kingsway I spy the tall thin form of my friend Peter puffing away outside the Shakespeare’s Head. Do I go and see him and talk Council Tax? No I will stick with the Berg! And on across Waterloo bridge and onto the Southbank which is, as always on a Sunday, jammed. The second hand bookstalls are busy (its cold and damp and horrible by the way) and the skateboarders are at it in their manic, obsessive way.

In the Festival Hall its warm and full of people – groups of people, couples and doesn’t feel single friendly. But I don’t care, Im here for the concert. Only I have the wrong date – my Berg and Mahler is next week – its bloody Flamenco tonight…..
And worse, there is Hip Hop on in the QEH so no hope there either.

Next door to the Festival Hall is the National Film Theatre so I dive in there – spend ages trying to find out what’s on (as it is a rolling programme it isn’t easy) I could go to the new Isabelle Huppert film but it’s about disintegrating families and I don’t fancy it.

So off across the Thames – a grey and dismal Thames, cant be bothered to take any pictures and to Charing Cross, St Martin in the Fields, where I take this picture. An on through Leicester Square and Piccadilly in search of a cinema that has something interesting on at a suitable time. Impossible! Maybe I am too choosey? But 7pm ish on a Sunday ought to be a key time and it isn’t!

Delicious museli slice and coffee in Konditor and Cook’s in the Curzon Soho and a very interesting crowd in their too – should I see the film about “My brother is an only child” well I just don’t know…. Indecision leads to a walk to Covent Garden and, as the drizzle starts again, a bendy bus home. I sit next to a nice blond on the bus – but she is reading a book and is totally uncommunicative.

Home and heat soup this time – its nice and nourishing as is the cheese- a glass of wine and some conversation round off the day.

And now it is Monday – another day of lost glasses – I hate not finding my glasses first thing. And here I am waiting for news re jobs again. Frustrating!

Which brings me to Fortitude! I must have walked past this statue hundreds of times – never saw the lion or the inscription and here it was. And I guess fortitude is what I want most now as I contemplate coping with more frustration! I feel tied by not knowing about this job. I guess no news is bad news, but it would be good to know.

????? nothing worse than uncertainty- and that's quite the story you have there! Great lion, R
????? · 2008-04-21: 08:17
mariazinha32 fabulous post!!!!!!!
mariazinha32 · 2008-04-21: 08:45
mojaroo due to uncertainty life is so beautiful.nice post
mojaroo · 2008-04-21: 08:54
photopoet Bravo—
photopoet · 2008-04-21: 19:31
????? Sounded like a very frustrating time - but great pics. London eh?
????? · 2008-04-21: 23:14
????? I love how you ended this on a up note ..fortitude.. awesome...!
????? · 2008-04-22: 05:55
caroleagle I love your writing. does it just roll out of you? are a speedy touch typist ? How long did it take to write this? I am asking you a lot of questions tonight. I think I've mentioned liking your writing before and then I get a pang of guilt and fear thinking I am ignoring your pictures... fortitude. I know I have subliminally seen this uncountable times and I don't know where it is even though I do. There is something gift like about the way these things are hidden until the perfect time to see them arrives. I love it when it happens... though I have a tendency to feel stupid for not having seen them before.
caroleagle · 2008-04-29: 18:47
ElanorDawn Hm... tried to find some lucky charm? Even though some thing might have gone amiss, I think you had a pretty fine weekend, interesting at most ;)
ElanorDawn · 2008-05-04: 02:02
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