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I am a cheese addict

The cheese board - note also the Dove's Farm organic digestives - heavenly!
Now this is something!!!!! Mont d'Or is a delicious, melt-in-the-mouth, cow's cheese. Soft and creamy inside, there is thicker rind which seems to sort of disintegrate into the pine bark in which is it wrapped - all inside a round wooden box. Ohhhhhhh heaven!
Scooped out with a spoon, here it is with one of my salads- leaves, apple, celery and beetroot.
I am about to start on a diary free diet, well I may have the odd bit of milk but it will certainly be cheese free. I am addicted to cheese ... I nibble bit of Cheddar in the way others eat sweets. And the cheese board at home is always a delight - a special French cheese board for special French cheeses. Always an excellent selection - even when I have not been to France.

But the weight is going on again and it has to be dairy free and ... booze free too. But the two go together so it wont be too bad - or too long I hope !
DancingDolphin I'm with you, cheese is a piece of heaven! Good luck with your diet!
DancingDolphin · 2008-05-18: 20:10
Dezsoba That's right ! MMMmmmm ....!!! CHEESE !! Yammmmmy . Good luck !!
Dezsoba · 2008-05-19: 09:23
Dragana oh yum ... i am too
Dragana · 2008-05-19: 10:15
kimauman Bob I am a big cheese addict too. Of course I live in the state capitol of cheese so its easy to get my hands on the good stuff. I am really into goat cheese right now but Munster is probably my childhood favorite. This looks absolutely delicious! Especially the creamy cow cheese which I have never seen before. Good luck staying away from your one true love! By the way, my good cholestrerol is up this year!
kimauman · 2008-05-19: 11:07
hazaj tempter..!
hazaj · 2008-05-19: 12:08
AlexandraPechabaden You are such an addict, you picked at the cheese and made some pretty round holes in it!
AlexandraPechabaden · 2008-05-19: 17:43
????? I am a cheese lover too.. wine & cheese .. why oh why are there any caolories in them.. at least the grapes are not too bad..
????? · 2008-05-19: 18:48
photopoet · 2008-05-19: 18:59
robinray Why do you do this? You know I can't eat cheese, you rotter. Anyway, welcome to the dairy free world of misery and boredom... Mind you, the pictures are jolly good. Claude is not only hilariously witty but uncannily perceptive; indubitably there are holes in that cheese. Are you guilty?
robinray · 2008-05-19: 19:16
curlyq60 Mmmm, I love it too..your post makes me want to eat !! !
curlyq60 · 2008-05-19: 23:40
domino they seem so tasty!!!
domino · 2008-05-20: 10:35
robinray Delectable, that salad. Would it work with sardines though? (See note above on cheese.) And how on earth isn't it all bright red from the beetroot? Which of course I only ever eat saturated to the core with vinegar, which by the way is very effective at cleaning the shower glass and electric kettle and immeasurably cheaper. Also good for something else but I can't remember what it is.
Are you sure the holes in the cheese weren't made by a small Michelin man walking over it? I only ask.
Tell me the beetroot secret, please!
robinray · 2008-05-21: 19:04
meiling My favourite has always been brie, especially with grapes. Lately, we found some lovely blue cheese in oil in our favourite supermarket here in Spain –– goes real well with salad. Oh, and we add sundried tomatoes in the salad, gives a really nice flavour all round.
meiling · 2008-05-22: 08:07
ElanorDawn LOVE this addiction...
ElanorDawn · 2008-05-26: 03:13
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