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The sun is shining today

Saturday 5pm - the sun is shining! I feel good, the weekend started well with last night's gig and then my curry. Today was a lovely sleep in morning followed by the Broadway Market where i took so many pictures they will have to wait until tomorrow as I have other things to do now and am off to see Carmen this evening (the opera that is not a girl called Carmen! - though that would be nice too!)

And walking along this afternoon I found this sun flower out - all lovely - all alone but so happy in the sun - it was just the right thing for today. Funny how these coincidences happen.

I think too - that if I am honest I am rather flattered by some things in my friend Leona's blog. It is always interesting to read other peoples blogs and hers (not on Pblog) always makes me chuckle but this time she wrote '"... our friend (bob) that we had been living 3 days with before (a nice crazy old man)." Well - if you are Leona's age - I am old! and maybe I am crazy too - especially when she is around. I am afraid that Petra Ingrid Leona to give her her full names always brings out the mischief in me! and others!! (see blog of 12 Sept for pictures and more)

domino here too, the sun is shinnig since 3 or 4 days. During 1 week, I beleived automn was there, to early, and now it's "summer" again!!
domino · 2008-10-11: 12:09
????? lovely single flower!~ R
????? · 2008-10-11: 14:14
????? That takes me back Robert, many, many years ago, when I was about 9 or 10 I think I bought a packet of sunflower seeds and grew some in the back garden.

I had about a dozen come through, most reached about 6 - 8 feet tall but 2 grew really tall, I measured one at about 10' 6" and the other at just over 12'. I had to tie it to an old step ladder with a couple of canes tied to it. The other one was next to a wall so I had a bit of string supporting the head.

I kept a lot of seeds from the biggest for the following year and let the birds eat the rest.

Unfortunately my father decided he didn't want me growing any more and as the started to sprout dug them, and my patch of "painted lady" carnations and other plants in saying he was planning on some veg... he never did plant any veg.

I still remember those sun flowers tho' and seeing others always makes me smile.
????? · 2008-10-11: 18:32
DancingDolphin WOW.... are we sharing sunflower stories??? Here's mine: Sunflowers have always been my daughter Lex's favorite flower. One year when she was about 10 she planted some seeds. They grew beautiful and tall (just like your photo) THEN the damn squirrels came along and ate off the flowers to get the seeds! EVERY plant. Her birthday was that time of year so I went out, bought some sunflowers and "attached" them to the tops of the beheaded plants! :-)

Regarding you friends comment: JR says it is his "goal" in life to be known as an OLD CHARACTER. Who wants to go unnoticed after all!
DancingDolphin · 2008-10-11: 19:30
kimauman Beautiful shot--most of ours are on their way out. It's that time of year again when the flowers go brown, the trees go red and the Canadian geese honk every evening--on their way down south.
I use to love the sunflowers in our neighbors yard. They were extra awe inspiring when you are little because they tower above you. Thanks for sharing Bob!
kimauman · 2008-10-11: 22:15
meiling We've had a week of high winds and rain, Bob. Normal for this time of year (we've been told that we had missed a similar week during the time we were away in Singapore). But today the sun is out although the sky is still a tad misty.

Not complaining at all -- how could we, when we have the glorious sun for near 350 days in a year? Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Bob!!
meiling · 2008-10-12: 07:04
miclaud Today, the sun is trying to be stronger than the rain...
miclaud · 2008-10-12: 11:13
????? nice lone sunflower - how was carmen?
????? · 2008-10-13: 01:38
jennye beautiful shot!
jennye · 2008-10-13: 07:37
hazaj =)
hazaj · 2008-10-18: 12:03
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