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What do you look like!

I really think some statues are somewhat bizarre - this one being a prime example! I am not sure who looks the bigger prat - the bloke or the swan!!
meiling Dunno. The swan would have looked better on its own some place else, methinks.
meiling · 2008-10-24: 16:11
????? Swans never look like prats, the guy in the frock, well, that's a different story.

Presumably this has something to do with Swan Upping? I assume the guy is dressed in the official uniform for one of the groups entitled to catch and mark swans on the Thames
????? · 2008-10-24: 16:12
betsymurphy thanks...I like it and want a copy of this staute in my yard. It will give the neighbors something to think about!
betsymurphy · 2008-10-24: 16:15
Robertthebob Yes Terry its the Barge Master of the Vintners Company I think - its the smile on his face that get to me most!
Robertthebob · 2008-10-24: 16:26
????? Ahhh, the Vintners Company - that explains the smile, he's been sampling the goods to get up courage to get up close and personal with those swans - they are big beggars and can turn nasty, especially if you are looking to cut notches in their beaks.
????? · 2008-10-24: 16:32
????? PS. I like his fly-swap - it that for all the mosquitoes and midges along the river?
????? · 2008-10-24: 16:33
caroleagle Mysterious. is it new? where is it?
caroleagle · 2008-10-24: 16:59
tomie otherwise nice shot.... :)
tomie · 2008-10-24: 17:15
????? For those that want to know what "Swan Upping" is all about, have a look at this site. It's Ye Olde Tradition to do with who owns the swans on the Thames, (basically, the Queen and a couple of post guilds or something).

Swan Upping i the annual "round up" to "brand" the young livestock according to momma and poppa swan's "brands". Brands are actually notches cut in the swans beak.

If momma and poppa swan belong to different "owners" I have no idea how they resolve the issue, maybe according to the sex of the cygnets but I don't want to know how you tell the sex of cygnets.

Like many "Ye Olde Tradition" in the UK, there's probably a lot of pomp, ceremony and fancy dress involved, ad probably the swigging of the odd fine wine or spirit.

I don't think it's a big spectator event, and there's nothing like "swan rodeos" and no "Champion Uppers" or anything.
????? · 2008-10-24: 17:44
????? NOTE: "post guilds" should be "posh guilds" - my typing sucks.
????? · 2008-10-24: 17:45
????? that's really funny
????? · 2008-10-24: 17:48
noptek Strange but cool picture
noptek · 2008-10-24: 20:31
miclaud Ha ha ha!!!
miclaud · 2008-10-25: 06:32
Lynda Well I like it. Where are they?
Lynda · 2008-10-25: 12:18
????? I went looking where to find this statue, (googled), and here's what I found

"...the Barge master and Swan Marker of the Vintners Company. Located just across the road from Vintners' Hall outside St James Garlickhythe"

If you want to find it on the map (try google maps) the address is

"Vintners' Hall, Upper Thames Street, London, EC4V 3BG

????? · 2008-10-25: 12:59
somogyvari Funny! :))
somogyvari · 2008-10-25: 14:59
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