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Tea Time

Tea, my favorite drink at breakfast and during the day.
Not the tea sold in teabags, that I do not like. Real tea, green, white, black ... Pure or mixed with fruit or herbs. We buy the tea and spices in organic shops or through a site on the Internet. Some herbs grow in pots on our patio.

Since the heavenlocks again are fully open, my picture I post is from our shelves with boxes of tea and herbs.
Rain, the ideal weather to drink a cup of delicious tea.
danrav What a collection of teas, Sandra. And all labelled so neatly - so organized! I think that I need a large cup of "Vitamineboost" right now. It is chilly and rainy here - warm tea would be perfect! Love the tilt!!!! What is your favorite???

Do you put the tea in a ball and brew it? I use tea bags - cheap ones. Very sad!!!!!
danrav · 2012-05-02: 13:28
Eiram Dan! shame on you!
Sandra, are we sisters... I love love tea -any time of a day! My collection is not so organized as yours...I have different boxes, different sizes...maybe I will post it , too:)
Eiram · 2012-05-02: 13:39
DancingDolphin Nice! So you mix them yourself and put them in a some sort of tea infuser?? This intrigues me... I love tea also... but only the 'nice' ones!
DancingDolphin · 2012-05-02: 13:41
danrav Marie, I do the best as I can with tea. In America, we do not have the time to enjoy a leisurely cup of tea, nor the time to make them slowly. We must rush, rush, rush in order to stay ahead! Sorry to disturb your post Sandra. Marie can be so judgemental!!!
danrav · 2012-05-02: 13:51
????? Ah, dus nu dat je uw "Herbs" in Nederland niet meer mag kopen als Belg, kweek je ze zelf..... jaja, slim gezien... hmmm, nu ik geen vissen meer heb, heb ik ook nog wat plantplaats over ;o))
Ja, een lekker tasje verse thee kan smaken hé.... ik zou dat eigenlijk ook meer moeten drinken, want ik kan er wel van genieten, en mn nieren zouden er eigenlijk wel deugd van hebben. Maar goddelijke chocolade?? nu ja, er zitten er daar nog tussen die ik niet ken :o)
????? · 2012-05-02: 13:53
mrmeliska Great shot of many tea choices..
mrmeliska · 2012-05-02: 14:12
Lsample I like the green myself. Occasionally I have found Dragonpearl green tea that rocks my world. Otherwise, it is coffee for me!
Lsample · 2012-05-02: 14:25
CHOSSID Wow! What a collection! I love the smell of fruit teas, but I never grew up -- I love to drink anything chocolate! Nice photo!
CHOSSID · 2012-05-02: 14:40
SM2012 S: Very strong composition - choose the right, calming tea. I too like white tea, but my favourite is China Oolong.
SM2012 · 2012-05-02: 16:42
girafferacing Wow, you could have a different tea every hour of the day and not run out of varieties!
girafferacing · 2012-05-02: 18:03
lookagain Very cool angle.....love seeing all the different types of tea! Terrific shot!
lookagain · 2012-05-02: 19:02
digitalideas Nice shot like the sharpness and clearness good angle too
digitalideas · 2012-05-02: 19:45
mallusatish Excellent shot,tea is my Favorite~!~
mallusatish · 2012-05-02: 23:50
slowpete excellent photo maar brandnetel tee. dit kan mos nie lekker smaak nie
slowpete · 2012-05-03: 01:57
TEOMONTANA So many to choose from....mmmm I'll have what your having!
TEOMONTANA · 2012-05-03: 06:46
JaCkYe Amazing
JaCkYe · 2012-05-03: 10:31
nynkeb Oh super!! Was vroeger ook zo'n echte thee genieter.. heeeeeerlijk. Maar sinds ik twee kleine kinderen heb drink ik mijn thee voornamelijk lauw of zelfs koud.. hahaha...
nynkeb · 2012-05-04: 05:39
Jarvo Lovely collection of teas. When I had tea in Belgium, I understood why the locals were drinking coffee ;-) But I guess people find the English habit of putting milk in to be strange.

Beautiful photograph, the colours and angles are great.
Jarvo · 2012-05-08: 04:16
davidcardona Cool!
davidcardona · 2012-05-26: 20:29
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