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A warm day in my mum's garden, and suddenly there were Ladybirds everywhere.

Coccinella 7-punctata
Approximately 6mms long
Found throughout the U.K.
March to October
Food: Aphids

It is very difficult to tell the males from the females... unless of course you're another ladybird.

In various parts of Britain they have been given other names; in Lancashire they are known as 'God's Horses', in Wales they call them the 'Red Cows of God', in Lincolnshire they are known as' Lambladies', in Yorkshire they are often called 'Dowdy Cows' and in Norfolk they're known as Bishy-Barny-Bees.

In the past people used to eat ladybirds to cure toothache! They believed that the oily yellow fluid in their bodies was a good pain killer!

RayNvb Beautiful job. Way better than my recent shots. I was born in Norfolk, Va and we call them Ladybugs!. I rarely see more than one at a time.
RayNvb · 2011-03-29: 04:05
ilikethat Stunning shots Sadhya
informative post
ilikethat · 2011-03-29: 04:06
finbarr Brillliant shots Sadhya !!
finbarr · 2011-03-29: 04:11
momotaro What a beautiful catch you've got there Sadhya!
momotaro · 2011-03-29: 06:03
jet28 Great to see - wonderful set. I love the last one - sort of like ladybird highway :-)
jet28 · 2011-03-29: 06:35
jessicashan love those ladybirds,,, when was a kid, we were told they are good insects,,, hehehhe. only those with 7 dots are good ones,,,
jessicashan · 2011-03-29: 07:07
Riyaz Lovely shots Sadhya! I have not been so lucky so far in my garden.
Riyaz · 2011-03-29: 07:29
lookagain Wow, Sadhya....just a beautifully done post!!! Colors pop...and love the composition in #3 and light in #5! Interesting names for this bug....as Ray said, over here we call them ladybugs.
lookagain · 2011-03-29: 10:31
lannykins wow that is alot, and how beautiful they are!! funny I found one of these little guys in my kitchen then you had a post with them!!
lannykins · 2011-03-29: 10:46
Lynda Nice macros
Lynda · 2011-03-29: 11:31
darfoster Great macros! I never knew they had so many different names. I have heard ladybirds before, but here in the US, we call them ladybugs, as others have said. I think taking the whole bug thing out of the name is a good idea. They seem to love my shasta daisies and so I usually get multiples on that plant and the larva, that are very ugly, but I leave them alone as I know what they will become.
darfoster · 2011-03-29: 11:47
????? What an excellent set!!
????? · 2011-03-29: 22:24
davidcardona Wonderful serie! Nice lighting and colors. Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2011-03-29: 22:53
noptek One ladybird, two ladybirds, three ladybirds, sounds like a nusery rhyme . Beautiful pictures
noptek · 2011-03-30: 13:14
onlyricky as the matter the fact the yellow fluid stinks...
and wow! 3 lady birds at once? that is what I call lucky!:)
loved the set ^^ amazing shots ^^
what a nice god thing to know their other names:)
onlyricky · 2011-03-30: 19:37
paulamarquis amazing close ups
paulamarquis · 2011-03-31: 22:23
wildduck Very nice!
wildduck · 2011-04-02: 13:17
hannamagnusson I especially like the last with three-in-one :-)
hannamagnusson · 2011-04-06: 04:50
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