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Fox fur collar.
Lined with silk, and sporting a well known label.
This item comes from an era when it was OK to wear bits of dead animal as a fashion statement.
It belonged to an aunt, long since dead, as is the fox who the fur originally belonged to.
I swear I have never worn it. It has been at the back of a drawer as an embarrassment to me.
What to do with such a dreadful thing?
This project has given me the answer - I will take it up the woods and bury it in the soil where all dead foxes should end up.
busybee36 An excellent idea for the Project, and now the fox can finally have the natural end to his life by being taken back to the woods.
busybee36 · 2011-04-04: 07:45
ilikethat Great post, another idea is to donate it to a local zoo or school system as an educational item, I found a bear skin at a garage sale and brought it to the zoo. It seemed more fitting to me than having it end up on some floor.
ilikethat · 2011-04-04: 07:56
Patricia132 Great post ...I have heard of people sending their relatives furs/ pieces into be made into teddy bears, and lil' stuffed critters like that! (in memory)
Patricia132 · 2011-04-04: 09:12
noptek Beautiful pictures. Hopefully times have changed.
noptek · 2011-04-04: 11:29
ColourYourEye How noble of you to bury it even after so many years. We wish there'd be more awareness about fur killings. Must have been one beautiful fox. :|
ColourYourEye · 2011-04-04: 12:55
lookagain Foxes are some of my favorite animals....I love watching them. Can't imagine why anyone would want to make clothing out of them. Good idea to finally put this fox to rest in the forest, Sadhya.
lookagain · 2011-04-04: 13:28
finbarr time have changed !! i dont think you see clothes like this any more,
finbarr · 2011-04-04: 16:49
????? Well done! Excellent colors!
????? · 2011-04-04: 17:09
Lynda This has prompted me to remember being repulsed as a small child by a fox stole that my mum had - with the whole body, head, feet that dangled down and tail draped round her shoulders. I grew up to be an animal lover and a vegetarian and apalled by how fur is obtained from foxes and other animals including seals.
Lynda · 2011-04-04: 17:31
jeffcornish What a great and thoughtful post Sadhya! I can't stand seeing these things...even fake ones. But I wonder why we don't think of leather in the same way?
jeffcornish · 2011-04-04: 20:35
imrepapa Good idea and great shots!
imrepapa · 2011-04-05: 12:07
onlyricky oh I know what you mean :(
and embalming foxes and other animals for fun? :(:(
onlyricky · 2011-04-06: 12:54
Jothindra And because of similar greediness, the tiger population in the wild (in India) is reduced to less than 1700!
Jothindra · 2011-04-07: 18:52
wildduck I hate fur coats, and similar clothes, even the fake ones.
wildduck · 2011-04-09: 01:26
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