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Still playing around in B&W

I posted the colour version of this on the 15th, so if you click the appropriate number on the handy little calendar above you will be able to compare.
mountainflower the bdies of the swans actually match the clouds :)
mountainflower · 2011-10-27: 04:50
revenant I don't know what filter you used on the B/W (yellow, I imagine), but the effect is rather intriguing. I'd still be tempted to boost the contrast and sharpen a lot more, but that's just me. And now I know: they're not ducks...
revenant · 2011-10-27: 04:55
revenant And comparing the two makes me realise that the B&W version has highlighted a composition issue I didn't notice in the colour version: try cropping the top 20% and tell me what you think. It's an exacting genre, isn't it? BTW, did you get your books? What did you think of them?
revenant · 2011-10-27: 04:57
HoosierAtHeART After looking at both, I really prefer the B&W, The geese really standout and love the shadows they make!
HoosierAtHeART · 2011-10-27: 05:34
Patricia132 The b/w, always catches my eye. This is a very pleasing and softer version.
Patricia132 · 2011-10-27: 07:42
????? I like it very much in black and white
????? · 2011-10-27: 08:01
abstractlight I think I prefer this in black and white because the coloured early morning sky is very pale and somehow unbalanced with the vividness of the green whereas in the b/w version the tonality is harmonious and the geese are very prominent and 3dimensional against the contrasting shadows
abstractlight · 2011-10-27: 08:48
darfoster I was traveling, so I missed the color version, but after looking back at it, I think I prefer the color. Really nice composition either way! Nice to have that little calendar back at the top!
darfoster · 2011-10-27: 10:46
finbarr Excellent shots !!
finbarr · 2011-10-27: 17:19
YUKJA I like the contrast between the swans and their shadows. In B&W can be seen much more
YUKJA · 2011-10-27: 17:21
beth0110 isn't it amazing the difference in what you focus on when you change to b&w? I think I prefer this one best because it somehow brings my eye back to the geese in the foreground.
beth0110 · 2011-10-27: 23:29
nssco50 Prefer the b/w!!
nssco50 · 2011-10-28: 00:35
DancingDolphin I think this shot has interesting potential. I like the composition a lot and the swans balance the clouds really well. But I'm really bothered by the lack of ability to see heads on the swans. They're the first place my eye goes and they have those wonderful swooping necks .... but then there is no definition of their heads. I don't know enough to know how that could be remedied. I'd probably start with filters, then move on to dodging & burning .... :-)
DancingDolphin · 2011-10-28: 22:04
paulamarquis I like the b & w beautiful shot!
paulamarquis · 2011-10-29: 00:49
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