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RT Pastry House @ SS15 Subang Jaya

This place makes the meanest and freshest and fluffiest Cream Puff's ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Hazelnut Gateau
Green Tea Sponge
Sue I have been going to RT Pastry house at Danau Bus. Center at Tmn Danau Desa for the past 3 months. Everything were great except that one afternoon when I brought along my sister to the shop. She has bought the marble butter cake for the first time and it was TERRIBLE!!! She has to throw it, in the end. It cost RM 14.
Why RT Pastry is charging so expensive on this cake and it taste so BAD. Next day, I have complained to the cashier and she just stood there doing nothing. In addition, my neighbor was also complaining on the marble butter cake they bought from this outlet two weeks later. Please, I urge the management to look into this matter.......your butter cake is a disaster and yet sell at RM14. My contact is 012-283-9939. I hope the people out there do not purchase the marble butter cake from this outlet!!
Sue · 2009-06-29: 03:58
Sassielicious Hi there Sue.

Unfortunately I do not work for RT, so there's no point complaining to me or giving me your mobile number.

It seems that you've had good experiences with them for 3 months and have gone on a complete flip over 1 bad cake.
Sassielicious · 2009-06-29: 04:27
Yuki it was just a RM14, what a big deal..??
Yuki · 2010-03-02: 20:43
hc why don't you bring the cake while complaining ? if i am one of the staff in that shop..i will not entertain you if without showing me the cake..
hc · 2010-04-20: 02:03
anniebunnie i been going RT since 2 years ago
do not is it me or u guys also i felt that their quality well down especially this year's :(
anniebunnie · 2010-09-30: 05:03
Lee Hee Wei I went to Subang Branch last Wednesday, the lady staff make me mad and i just walk of without buying anything! i plan to buy a cake for my brother, but the lady showed me a black face!! like i owe her money!! this lady is not the 1st time like that.. last yr went there with my fren, she also show the same face? i do not know what's the matter with this lady!! if she is in bad mood pls don come out to serve customer. u can always hide in the toilet! definitely i'll not go there any more!
Lee Hee Wei · 2010-10-14: 22:43
lulu got hiring part time student??
lulu · 2010-10-20: 10:07
Loyalty cust. (11019x) I quiet agreed with Lee's comment on that lady. Izit that 'fat fat' one! Sometimes even saw her scolded the colleague whose was helping her for packaging. Sigh... :(

The RT Pastry House suppose famous with its delicious cakes/breads and the cashier should have a pleasant look and with a good manner to the customers instead. So that, customers would purchase the cake and bread more and more like what I did usually.

As such, I strongly suggest to the management of RT Pastry House to address this customer concern/issue immediately, so that customer eg. Lee will come back and make purchase from your pastry house very soon.
Loyalty cust. (11019x) · 2010-11-03: 01:19
Alex is there any job available ? i interview 2 weeks back, hope they will call me before 2th of april.. Pt: tue,thru,fri,sat,sun.. cya =D
Alex · 2011-03-18: 08:34
alex my number 0173025787. =D just an extra info, if needed.
alex · 2011-03-18: 08:35
Sassielicious Okay, just to make it very clear to all you people. THIS is a photoblog. I do not work or own or live in Malaysia. If you have an issue with any of the Restaurants/Cafes, you NEED to contact them directly and not leave it here.

Thank you.
Sassielicious · 2011-03-18: 20:37
iza i just wan to check bread & cake there halal or not?
iza · 2011-05-10: 03:32
christine yam cake nice o not?
christine · 2011-08-17: 07:03
sim any service on making cartoon decorated cake?
sim · 2012-02-05: 03:42
chin KO Your coffee swiss roll still lack of cofee flavour but you green tea swiss roll was delicious. Your Blue Berry Cheese cake cake together with red wine was fabulous.
chin KO · 2012-05-12: 05:35
anis Hi,
can anyone concern confirm about the halal status?
anis · 2014-04-21: 01:50
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