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Do black flowers exist?

Tulips in Aberglasney Gardens, Wales, UK
Tulips at Aberglasney Gardens, Wales, UK
Kniphofia sp.
Thamnochortus rigidus - Restionaceae
Chondropetalum tectorum - Restionaceae
Here is an attempt at the impossible. Black flowers may not exist.

I admit defeat. I have no photos of black flowers. Brown is the nearest I can do.

Here is a challenge to all photo-bloggers. Can any of you photograph darker flowers than these. The pictures must be neither post-shoot manipulation nor black and white photos. Very very deep purple, dark brown, or very dark red pictures may be the best anyone produces. I think the bracts of the cyperaceous genus Ficinia in Southern Africa is the darkest black I have seen. But I have no photos of it yet.

Who is up for the challenge?
Vanouch Wow excellent, My fav # 1st one !!!!
Vanouch · 2007-05-30: 07:06
miclaud Nice shots and very curious colours ... I like them!!! Even with the flowers, black is beautiful ;-)
miclaud · 2007-05-30: 07:41
FromMyInside love these beautiful dark tulips!
FromMyInside · 2007-05-30: 07:46
jet28 The tulips are gorgeous!
jet28 · 2007-05-30: 08:35
openbelarus awesome
openbelarus · 2007-05-30: 08:43
carmitage The tulips are exceptionnal ! I wouldn't mind trying but I
don't have a camera yet ! I'll see in my old photographs.
carmitage · 2007-05-30: 14:24
tricky Great set
tricky · 2007-05-30: 14:39
felini Very intresting. I'll look for black flowers, but I not hope to find it in Poland.
felini · 2007-05-30: 16:49
vollenda I really like #1 too. If I see some, I'll try and catch them. :)
vollenda · 2007-05-30: 23:15
burbulz the first two are wonderful.
but I feel a little bit disappointed - like after gift opening in Xmas when I was 5-7:) I really believed I will see the black flower here, posted by you. well, maybe I'll find it somewhere by myself.
anyway these series of flowers are interesting and educative as well as beautiful. thank you.
burbulz · 2007-05-31: 00:55
SIMages i've seen some of those dark purple tulips before, but not black. even dried flowers don't look black...i'm going to start searching.
SIMages · 2007-05-31: 20:48
rmjannette i wonder ??

yours are like velvet up there.
rmjannette · 2007-06-01: 12:04
hazaj #1 !
hazaj · 2007-06-03: 15:35
coralinad This brings back great memories. As a child I desperately wanted a black flower, so my grandmother ordered them to humor me. How devastated I was when the tulips came up deep purple. But I grew to love them even more.
coralinad · 2007-06-04: 10:22
divna ooo, black tulips! the first is my fav. good composition.
divna · 2007-06-08: 03:23
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