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Hanging onto life in The Matrix

There was gathered an enormous crowd of one million people gathered in the huge square. The Speaker gripped the microphone and shouted in a vibrant voice: "We are all individuals!" A lonely figure in the middle of the massive crowd shouted back "No, I'm not!".
I dedicate this posting to anyone out there who feels undervalued, unappreciated, unloved.

I took this photograph some while back but it was only recently that I saw something different in it. It reminded me of the film Matrix; especially when the Hero woke up and realised he was connected to everything else but not in a way he thought he was - one of those moments of altered reality we all have from time to time.

As a bystander it reminds us of the importance of the uniqueness and inestimable value of every single person on earth. So I dedicate this posting to anyone out there who feels undervalued, unappreciated, unloved. Think on this: we are all composed of 7 billion year old cosmic dust that has been altered and recycled since the beginning of time and so are all connected to each other, just like everyone in the matrix, yet within that connectivity there is singular identity. We are a universe of connected individuals.

Matrix videos

1. Ever wondered if the Matrix was transcribed to the Muppet Show. Here is your chance to see how. Here is The Muppet matrix - a superb student production.

2. Here is the real trailer of The Matrix.

3. The official matrix website.

chrisfly Interesting photo! Great job...
chrisfly · 2007-09-18: 16:43
haushinka Quite interesting!!!
haushinka · 2007-09-18: 18:24
Cherax It's hard to feel an individual in a crowd.
Interesting words & picture.
Cherax · 2007-09-19: 05:36
????? excellent thoughts... i am so impressed that someone could explain something so strong like that so symbolically yet so simply!! the photo looks wonderful too.. could you please tell me where and how u shot that?
????? · 2007-09-19: 07:36
Cabecilha Fabulous post... deels with so many things, since the matrix is a methaphor for the religious beliefs of some...
Cabecilha · 2007-09-19: 08:33
Sevendipity Sriramsabhapathy asks how I made the picture. I shot the picture at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. I then used Google's free Picasa 2 software to create a B & W picture, then sharpened it once, then used Focal B & W to limit colour rto just one spot. That's it. Hope that helps. I recommend Picasa as its free and a great way of indexing your photos.
Sevendipity · 2007-09-19: 10:28
LisetteT Capture intéressante.
Good idea.
LisetteT · 2007-09-19: 20:58
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