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The World's Sovereign !

Those are what I'm reading nowadays:

- The Idiot, by Fydor Dostoyevsky.

- The War of the end of the world, by Mario Vargas Llosa.

- The Man in the era of primitivism, by Evelyn Reed.

- The Confessions, by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

- The Strangling of Persia, by W.Morgan Shuster.

- The World's Sovereign, by Bastani Parizi.

- Death on Credit, by Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

Can you suggest me another books for reading!?
davidcardona Great work! I suggest you enjoy:

- My Year of Meat by Ruth L. Ozeki.
- The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.
- The Ties that Bind by Vanessa Duries.

Essays and works:
- Empire by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri.
- Niccolo's Smile: A Biography of Machiavelli by Dr. Maurizio Viroli and Antony Shugaar.

Have an incredible and very happy week too dear and gentle friend!

davidcardona · 2010-09-19: 09:27
finbarr nice shot !
finbarr · 2010-09-19: 09:48
viragom Bulgakov - The Master and Margarita
G. G. Marquez - One hundred years of solitude
B. Hrabal - Dancing lessons for the advanced in age
Dostoyevskiy - The brothers Karamazov

Love'em all, must of read it at least 20 times :)). And there is so much to read - thank God! :)

And your photo is so good!
viragom · 2010-09-19: 10:09
HoosierAtHeART Wonderful post!
Maybe in time you can read "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.
HoosierAtHeART · 2010-09-19: 10:47
????? Nice post!!!
????? · 2010-09-19: 11:37
josy63 Master and Marguerite ( Boulgakov)!
Corps et biens ( Desnos)
josy63 · 2010-09-19: 13:19
onlyricky I'd suggest ''how to take amehedjinejad from the presidence'' ...but there is not available yet :(
onlyricky · 2010-09-19: 15:33
extralarge i think somobody does not interest what you are reading brother :)
i like the composition and books.
extralarge · 2010-09-19: 15:45
????? Interesting framing, creative post!
????? · 2010-09-19: 18:53
Jarvo · 2010-09-19: 19:57
JustGarden I think I would opt for the "Bible"
JustGarden · 2010-09-19: 21:57
goolikhash only an iranian can feel it very well!
your this shot is meaningful....
the master and margarita by Micheal Bulgagove is lovely
"the Iranian social history" by Morteza Rawandi
thanks to share dear friend,great job as ever....
goolikhash · 2010-09-19: 23:43
atszabo What an impressive list! Several people suggested Bulgakov: Master and Margarita from Russian Literature, definitely my favorite, too.
And a famous English novel from 1928 by D.H. Lawrence: Lady Chatterly's Lover.
atszabo · 2010-09-19: 23:48
photogp wow!
be gholi agha dame shoma garm!
photogp · 2010-09-20: 06:15
????? A good book is the best of friends!
...your choice your paradise :))
????? · 2010-09-20: 07:29
lookagain Much reading going on by PBers! What would we do without wonderful books? Interesting image you've created...
lookagain · 2010-09-20: 09:09
Clickpen Optopus Conspiracy, by Daniel Estulin.

Angelology, by Danielle Trussoni.

General History of Al Andalus, by Emilio Gonzalez Ferrin.

They are the three books I'm reading now.
Clickpen · 2010-09-20: 10:24
soma یک حرکت انتحاری و فوق العاده خلاقانه ...عالی بود:)
soma · 2010-09-20: 13:56
????? I was about to post it in my PB, but you asked first.
The best book I can suggest you is The name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss... because sometimes we need to believe in another reality.
????? · 2010-09-21: 06:36
shahraki i cant understand the conection between the title and photo-
shahraki · 2010-09-21: 06:55
Davorka great idea Masoud! I love books, like you and some of your I read, now I read the Black Box of Amos Oz, and I recommend it to you!
Davorka · 2010-09-21: 08:48
photogp You know, I can't explain how much I love this shot!!!
Well done my friend!!
photogp · 2010-09-21: 15:51
storytaylor great post. you can read, Language, Humanity, and the Holocaust: The Steinerian Triad,” in The Wounds of Possibility: Essays on George Steiner, edited by Ricardo Gil Soeiro (Cambridge: Harvard University Press)
storytaylor · 2010-09-22: 08:02
farideh ايده جالبي بود كلي كتاب براي خواندن پيدا كرديدحالا همين ها را اگر پيدا كرديد بخوانيد تا بعد خدا بزرگه
farideh · 2010-09-23: 07:24
believe fek konam death on credit bishtar rutun tasir gozashte!!!!
nice shot
believe · 2010-09-23: 09:12
Eiram The book thief by Markus Zusak
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
The girl with the dragon tatoo by Stieg Larsson

This year favorites of mine:)
Eiram · 2010-09-25: 12:35
yellodog :))
yellodog · 2010-09-26: 04:11
miclaud Nice post! Good idea... but, sorry I can't help you....
miclaud · 2010-09-26: 10:44
yellodog After considering your list of book titles a while the following came to mind that sort of fit in:
The Lord of the Flies,
A Confederacy of Dunces,
Heart of Darkness,
The Process,
The Encyclopedia of the Dead,
The Anatomy of Melancholy,
Journey to the End of the Night.
yellodog · 2010-09-26: 17:08
SADHYA Such an interesting post, and fascinating comments.
I will come back when I can think of an appropriate book.
SADHYA · 2010-09-27: 05:08
SADHYA Got it!
The Tyrants: The Story of Histories Most Ruthless Oppressors - Clive Foss
SADHYA · 2010-09-27: 05:15
tomie the world sovereign is blur...
my last book was "i talk to my dog", good one!!
tomie · 2010-09-29: 05:00
kekok brave, good photo.
kekok · 2010-10-02: 10:55
Nimaabolghasemi :)))))))
Nimaabolghasemi · 2010-10-11: 02:32
acomaschi · 2010-11-11: 18:22
CHOSSID Brilliant! May I add to the list -- The Last of the (Un)Just by André Schwarz-Bart
CHOSSID · 2012-07-10: 22:01
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