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7100 Miles in 4 Months!!!

Here we are at an elevation of 11,000 feet above sea level..
Late July and there is still a little bit of snow on the mountain.
look there is a farm way down there!!!!
Nice clear Colorado day!! Nothing like fresh air way up here...
My husband liked this tree. I called it the medusa tree...Because of all the gnarly twisted branches. It looks like it could walk down the mountain. Kind of spooky looking. Hey my hair looks like that in the morning.. ha ha Enlarge for a better view..
Well yes I did take my helmut off for this shot or I would have stepped on this flower... :)
All of these photos were taken with my motorcycle helmut on!! Sometimes the places we stop don't have much of a pull out to get off the road and get a shot off. So we hop off the bikes take a quick snap and hop back on our bikes before traffic catches up.

I purchased my bike in March of 2007 brand new. Since March to the present time we have road 7,100 miles.. My husband and I don't like to ride much....... ha ha ha
mybigbackyard Spectacular scenery you've got there! Love the "Medusa" tree!
mybigbackyard · 2007-07-24: 09:59
mimax2 interesting set, thanks for sharing.
mimax2 · 2007-07-24: 10:27
????? love the last shot..I'd say you don't like to ride much hee hee hee .. nice shots and sharing!
????? · 2007-07-24: 10:36
anshuad What lovely adventures you are sharing...your motorcycle diaries. Be safe! And thanks for the lovely pics :)
anshuad · 2007-07-24: 11:14
jonrake you guys rock! I empathize with you re: the helmet thing ... at 11,000 ft either I would get high or my carbed dual sport would start sputtering
jonrake · 2007-07-24: 12:20
SilkeHoltmann Sheri !!
You must show me your many-years-ago-DATE !!
LOL - If he looks like my tree, it must be Grobi from The Sesame Street ??

SilkeHoltmann · 2007-07-24: 12:52
vollenda After seeing all the photos you take on your rides, I can understand why you love your bike so much. I always tell people that riding my bicycle is like having the ultimate convertible. You must feel the same way. :) I love the tree! And the little flower, I'm glad you didn't step on it!
vollenda · 2007-07-24: 15:20
elkegrocholl Have I properly understood you ? Your bike is called Helmut ? Really jocularly.! :-)) It is already fine that you in spite of "Helmut" still find some minutes, to look for the marvellous nature . Great !!!
elkegrocholl · 2007-07-24: 15:52
gerryf bice reportage !
gerryf · 2007-07-24: 15:59
storytaylor WOW!! SheriJ that is so lucky to be able to do that with someone special. I have always wanted to do it.excellent photos. have a great trip.
storytaylor · 2007-07-24: 16:06
jetjackson Thanks for sharing some of your "ride" photos. Sure are some glorious views up in the mountains :)
jetjackson · 2007-07-24: 21:53
davidcardona Wonderful set! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2007-07-25: 01:35
Jannie Great series, but I'm thinking where are the shots of the two of youse??
Jannie · 2007-07-25: 01:54
????? beautiful
????? · 2007-07-25: 03:59
deepblue Colorado seems so beautiful, and nice bikes by the way.
deepblue · 2007-07-25: 05:32
jet28 So beautiful!
jet28 · 2007-07-25: 08:14
????? I want to have a bike :)) Fantastic photos :)
????? · 2007-07-25: 09:05
????? you are very talented to take those beautiful shots with your helmet on!nicely done!
????? · 2007-07-25: 17:37
chipotle what a grand adventure. a beautifully documented grand adventure.

i love the "medusa tree" title.
chipotle · 2007-07-28: 07:20
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