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What Did Our Bikes Look Like On The 2,921 Mile Journey?

Hey we made it to the Border of Colorado and Wyoming!! WOOO HOOO
Either the sign was crooked or I was not awake yet? Our 1st Hotel we checked in at 11 pm.. uuuf I was a little tired to say the least. After 535 miles I was afraid my legs had forgotten how to straighten out???
There is my dearest loading up the bikes for our next leg of the journey!
To the Tetons and fast!!!
Loaded and ready to go.. Oh where is the Mountain Dew?? I am slugging it down to wake up!!
AHH The Tetons and a tree.. I really liked this tree it was so cool!!
AAHH Elegance in no motion!! This was in Jackson Hole Wyoming.
A Trumpeter Swan catching some early morning sun
A Chipmunk Hey I couldn't post all motorcycles and no animals it just wouldn't be me!!! Enlarge this to see his hairy toes... to cute.. I wanted to pet him.. gee what a surprise... ha ha
Well here we are packed loaded down and ready to roll.
The first day we road 535 miles!! WOOOO I sure was ready for a rest and a snack or 5.. I think the body part that gets the most tired is the throttle hand it stays in one postion while all the other body parts can be shifted around.... like... You can stand up on the foot pegs or put your feet on the back pegs so you are almost laying down and you can take your left hand off the handle grip. We road on pavement and dirt roads the bikes balanced real well for such a load...
jonrake Great shots!

Once again I apaude you ride. My butt is sore just thinking about riding on the BMW seat compaired to my cushy cruiser
jonrake · 2007-08-17: 09:50
????? WOW you guys carry a lot of stuff like that, must hard to ride. Really fun extreme trip and very beautiful too
????? · 2007-08-17: 10:46
SheriJ We did have alot on our bikes but they balanced out pretty good even at 75 mph.. Not hard to ride at all..
SheriJ · 2007-08-17: 10:48
nasser nice pics & trip
nasser · 2007-08-17: 11:38
vallli Love the chipmonk =) cute
vallli · 2007-08-17: 11:48
garysktam I really love the chipmonk and saved it immediately.
garysktam · 2007-08-17: 11:55
????? Love shot 7!
????? · 2007-08-17: 11:56
vollenda You are brave! I think I'm carrying a lot on my bicycle and it's just a backpack or messenger bag full!

Your shots are amazing! Well, worth the tiredness I'm sure. The tree is beautiful with the tetons in the background. The swan is very elegant. And that chipmunk! Woo! That is a fantastic shot! :)
vollenda · 2007-08-17: 12:39
????? yes I can't imagine a ride that long .. but I know it was fun .. the set is great that little fellow at the end ..saved him:)!!!
????? · 2007-08-17: 13:36
grupakliniczna superb!
grupakliniczna · 2007-08-17: 14:59
carmitage This is quite a trip ! Take care ...
Your chipmonk is gorgeous
carmitage · 2007-08-17: 15:12
elkegrocholl I love your BMW F 650 GS, it`s a good fellow !!!
Have a lazy weekend and thank you for the detailed answer of my
question. (Sturgis)
Till Monday ! :-)
elkegrocholl · 2007-08-17: 16:11
Rasadesign Wow.......
I wish I had a bike like this...........
Is this yours???
Rasadesign · 2007-08-17: 17:04
KC727 Beautiful set especially #5 & #7 :)
KC727 · 2007-08-17: 17:20
????? Awesome shots! I love the little chipmunk shot!
????? · 2007-08-17: 18:54
Carley Love the swan and the chipmonk!
Carley · 2007-08-17: 19:23
Karibbean Nice, nice, nice!!!
Karibbean · 2007-08-17: 19:37
chrisfly Beautiful photos:-)
chrisfly · 2007-08-17: 19:43
jetjackson Sure is a lot of gear on the back of the bikes,,,,,but you have to be prepared :)
jetjackson · 2007-08-17: 20:38
????? Wow…8-0...(astonished) you were packed to the rim man that bike must be tuff (just like you)
What a trip story and photos have been keeping track and am a bit envious doing a trip like that via machina.
????? · 2007-08-17: 20:56
magnolissun I can't believe you rode so many miles on a bike that's not a cruiser.
magnolissun · 2007-08-17: 21:36
????? Wow, what a ride! Wonderful photos especially tree and Tetons and the chipmonk. That's a lot of gear on the bikes - maybe it's time to consider a sports tourer like the R1200 RT - apart from all the luggage space, the stereo is sensational, it gets louder the faster you go!
????? · 2007-08-17: 21:57
dweiskir A long trip like that would be a great experience, but I'm tired from just looking at the pics. I must be getting old. :-)
dweiskir · 2007-08-17: 22:26
davidcardona Marvellous set! Great shots! Thanks for sharing!
davidcardona · 2007-08-17: 22:47
zsofette ooooo it's place, thanks for sharing :)))
zsofette · 2007-08-18: 01:39
lennonf Nice set. Now stop making me jealous. Still trying to work out this Miles per Hour thing. Prefer KMPH.
lennonf · 2007-08-18: 02:24
????? legendary trip - im jealous - keep those pix coming ! :)
????? · 2007-08-18: 02:33
jet28 Wow, that would be so much fun!
jet28 · 2007-08-18: 05:45
TIM927 Wonderful trip , great set.. landscapes are amazing there... wish I was so brave to ride a bike so long,,,but Im not:)
TIM927 · 2007-08-18: 06:49
emmetan I visited Wyoming 10 years ago... ya that was so long ago.... I studied at MN for a degree : )
emmetan · 2007-08-18: 07:23
lukazou COOL !! What else could I say ??
I've never take a ride on a bike for this long distance... but I can feel what you are talking about!!
lukazou · 2007-08-18: 10:58
angeljoy what a neat trip that must have been. so close to nature. Speaking of close, you were up close and personal with that chipmunk! I'm telling you that photo could be in a magazine! The lighting is superb!
angeljoy · 2007-08-18: 12:12
mybigbackyard I'm really enjoying seeing my big backyard through your eyes! Excellent!
mybigbackyard · 2007-08-18: 12:26
????? Very cool. Liked the tree and the squirrel as well. still got my eyes on that bemway though !!!
????? · 2007-08-19: 13:23
Helen Love the last one!!!nice set!
Helen · 2007-08-19: 13:41
magpy fun set! the chipmunk is adorable
magpy · 2007-08-19: 16:03
mystic1 WOW Good Shots Thanks
mystic1 · 2007-08-19: 16:22
nasser congrats on frontpage
nasser · 2007-08-20: 03:51
mimax2 congrats on front page !!!!!!!!!!
mimax2 · 2007-08-20: 04:13
slowpete what a trip it must have been
slowpete · 2007-08-20: 04:37
mamus #7 is great :)
mamus · 2007-08-20: 06:08
storytaylor incredible trip SheriJ. each picture is worth many days looking at. congrats
storytaylor · 2007-08-20: 06:18
mpaytubi Felicitacions !! El reportatge es molt descriptiu ens condueix directament sense parar cap a la la darrera imatge. Magnífic tot i excel·lent la 7ª.
Congratulations!! The report him very descriptive it drives us directly non-stop towards the the last image. A grade the 7ª.
mpaytubi · 2007-08-20: 06:33
allex I like your style;) Nice photos!:)
allex · 2007-08-20: 06:47
NedaH wooooooooooooooooooooooow so nice pics
the last one is wonderful and very beautiful ... :)
NedaH · 2007-08-20: 07:08
????? 3 last very good !!!
????? · 2007-08-20: 09:05
Angelochik it's amazing â„– 7 is my favourite , thank you for sharing
Angelochik · 2007-08-20: 09:26
a2kblog i want that bike
is it possible
a2kblog · 2007-08-20: 10:00
magpy congrats on front page !!!
magpy · 2007-08-20: 10:13
SheriJ a2kblog sorry it is not possible to have my bike it brings me too much joy, I am sure you can order one??
SheriJ · 2007-08-20: 10:28
tcalbaz the chipmunk sums it up. way cool trip! way cool pics!
tcalbaz · 2007-08-20: 11:16
vmathewk Such a nice set.. Cheers :))
vmathewk · 2007-08-20: 11:35
OILBASE well done
front page"congrats"
OILBASE · 2007-08-20: 11:46
Jannie What a great series of your trip! And no, it wouldn't be you without a critter shot! Love the chipmunk shot. Congrats on the front page!!!
Jannie · 2007-08-20: 12:48
felipeadiers The last one is superb!
felipeadiers · 2007-08-20: 12:54
mukeshjindel What a beautiful set. Sure must have been a memorable trip.
mukeshjindel · 2007-08-20: 12:59
Mly64 Amazing!!! They're all so so so beautiful.
Mly64 · 2007-08-20: 13:14
????? Hey Congratulation!
????? · 2007-08-20: 13:17
????? ;D superb!
????? · 2007-08-20: 14:45
TIM927 frontpage too wow congrat ;)
TIM927 · 2007-08-20: 17:33
t2d4th Congrats on the front page. I love this series.
t2d4th · 2007-08-20: 19:39
stevemwazup Hi SheriJ. I am so GLADE you made the FRONT COVER OF PHOTOBLOG, Very Cool. We love all your post, congratulations.
stevemwazup · 2007-08-21: 01:19
Merily I really like nr.5 :)
Merily · 2007-08-21: 05:11
davidcardona Wonderful shots! Congrats!
davidcardona · 2007-08-21: 07:44
Killerpilze Last one pic is like sweetest that i'we seen. Love :*
Killerpilze · 2007-08-21: 08:37
dwsuddarth Great shots!
dwsuddarth · 2007-08-22: 13:54
Amethyst Congrats on the feature! That chipmunk photo is fantastic.. I added it to my favorites =)
Amethyst · 2007-08-29: 11:27
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