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Monday Theme View From My Window

A fox running by one of the bedroom windows.
A Flicker hanging out at the bird feeder in the fron yard. Oh a bird with my favorite color Orange!!!
A Young Buck and a Doe cleaning up after the birds. A front yard shot again.
And out the Den window Mister Squirrel heading for the suet!!
All of these shots were taken from indside my house. We have so much wildlife I really don't pay attention to what is beyond the critters. I was told we have hundreds of Ponderosa Pines on our land... ha ha ha I really do see the trees... just kidding..
But I do see the wildlife more...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Looking forward to everyone's posts for Monday!!!
mystic1 Love all your critters Sheri, Wonderful shots, sooooooooo whats going on Monday?
mystic1 · 2008-01-27: 20:13
paintbox Love the creature pictures. The fox is beautiful, all of them are, I never get tired of creatures.
paintbox · 2008-01-27: 20:19
????? Great capture as always
????? · 2008-01-27: 20:24
Karibbean absolutely beautiful, I really like the fox!
Karibbean · 2008-01-27: 20:56
DancingDolphin I love fox... foxes? Hmmmm..... what IS the plural of fox.... I'm too lazy to check!

The flicker picture is my favorite however.
DancingDolphin · 2008-01-27: 21:21
????? great set! i love the first two shots! the fox is so cute (i want one!) and the birds colors and spots are really neat. very nice captures!
????? · 2008-01-27: 22:09
vmathewk #3, #4 are just great :)
vmathewk · 2008-01-27: 22:26
mowestlan Wow! You're so fortunate to have a beautiful bounty of wildlife to view! I love Foxy Loxy...
mowestlan · 2008-01-27: 22:36
Madoc Wow Sheri! It is unbelievable to see all the beautiful animals you can snap from inside your house!!!
My fav is #1. That fox is so beautiful and nicely caught too. ; )
Madoc · 2008-01-27: 23:32
vollenda Most definitely WOW! Incredible place you call home, Sheri! The Flicker is gorgeous. And so is the fox, and the deer, and the squirrel. I guess that would be all of them.
vollenda · 2008-01-28: 00:31
MHJphotos Awesome shots Sheri! I must admit to being more than just a bit jealous of the wildlife you get to see so reguarly 'out your window'. Simply fantastic!

That flicker is AWESOME! Much different than the flickers we have here in the PNW!
MHJphotos · 2008-01-28: 01:33
angeldevil1980 I wish I had your window - thanks for sharing
angeldevil1980 · 2008-01-28: 01:39
slowpete wow you don't need to move
slowpete · 2008-01-28: 02:03
peregol Great captures!!!! Beautiful work
peregol · 2008-01-28: 02:24
tomie it should be difficult to leave window whith such wonderful show! awesome post chérie j :)
the fox (it's difficult to shoot them!) and the bird are great!
tomie · 2008-01-28: 03:38
Riccaster Nicec shots ... the second one is Fantastic !!! Brava
Riccaster · 2008-01-28: 04:26
Lynda You're so lucky. Love the fox shot. I see foes and squirrels ocasionally here from my back widows.
Lynda · 2008-01-28: 04:40
jet28 I've finally worked it out - you live in the middle of a free range zoo! Wonderful shots :-)
jet28 · 2008-01-28: 06:32
????? great shots Keep it up
????? · 2008-01-28: 09:19
storytaylor I say again, you are a lucky girl. fantastic photos of a wonderful wildlife. I´m dreaming always with a place like that (and a library near of course)
storytaylor · 2008-01-28: 10:43
Ikuszka amazing view
Ikuszka · 2008-01-28: 13:32
lexlevans wow! i wish i saw that much wild life out my windows! although during the summer i see a lot of downie woodpeckers which is a treat :-) great photos and i'm jealous!
lexlevans · 2008-01-28: 14:08
easylife so, you have cool house!
easylife · 2008-01-28: 16:02
Robertthebob Wow! How luck you are!!
Great pics added no 2 to favourites
Robertthebob · 2008-01-28: 17:35
coralinad That is amazing. I'm jealous of the fox - how cool. The flicker is fantastic - it looks so different from the flickers here. I made it a favorite. Great set!!
coralinad · 2008-01-28: 21:43
rolpa What fantastic sights to see from your window! Each photo is a gem.
rolpa · 2008-01-29: 07:56
gillas3 Shery you live in heaven . I`m jealous to you .
gillas3 · 2008-01-29: 08:47
????? What a lovely post! You really live in a wonderful place.
????? · 2008-01-29: 16:00
kif123 Nice view from window!!!!
kif123 · 2008-01-29: 22:08
????? I'm so jealous of you!!!
You have wonderful view from your window,
Like animal planet..haha
????? · 2008-01-29: 22:55
TIM927 all that from yoru window???? wow
TIM927 · 2008-01-30: 06:03
Nora75 fantastic set, wonderful photos with beautiful animals, but I guess I don't want to be your guest :) :)
I appreciate your humor :)
Nora75 · 2008-01-30: 15:27
lukazou Are you living in the zoo ? Fantastic !
lukazou · 2008-01-30: 23:44
soldotnamanda Can I move in? Great views . . . the fox is AWESOME!
soldotnamanda · 2008-01-31: 13:03
tcalbaz you have amazing nature craft skills!
tcalbaz · 2008-03-19: 05:57
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