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One Day!!

One Day this summer my husband and I will climb this Mountain.
The Mountain is called Pikes Peak, It is a Fourteen-er meaning a Mountain that is 14,000 feet or higher! Can't wait for the snow to melt off of it and put my hiking boots on and hit the trail...

Sorry I haven't replied to comments.. My toes are still very very painful and I had to put one of my cats down last Thursday. So broken hearted and nearly broken toes. Thought I would just nurse my heart and my wounds for a while...
Hope every one had a great weekend!! ;)
ncshutterbug Beautiful! You're much braver than I, climbing a mountain.

I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. It's so hard to lose our beloved animals. :(
ncshutterbug · 2008-04-06: 19:29
Mabi938 Wonder !
Mabi938 · 2008-04-06: 19:44
DancingDolphin Just looking at this shot must make you feel lighter of heart! It's beautiful. My son also likes to climb... he called me the other day from the top of a mountain!
DancingDolphin · 2008-04-06: 19:56
Madoc I'm going to camp for a week at Mont-Mégantic with my bro and I really can't wait...
You seem to feel the same way about your future hike and I understand why! That will be awesome!
Madoc · 2008-04-06: 20:03
ccrowe13 I'm sorry to hear about your cat....hope you are feeling better soon. :-)
ccrowe13 · 2008-04-06: 20:24
coyoteself Beautiful picture! A few years ago, I cheated and drove to the top, But someday I would like to hike up it.

Sorry to read about your cat and your toes. Take care of yourself and we'll see you, when we see you.
coyoteself · 2008-04-06: 21:27
????? sorry to read about everything Sheri ..,(sent u a note) ..

this mountain will be great .. I can't wait to see the pic from the top ..this is a wonderful shot this near your house ?
????? · 2008-04-06: 21:30
vollenda You will. And I bet you'll have some awesome photos to show from it!

Get well! I'm sorry again for the loss.
vollenda · 2008-04-06: 22:46
dadlak Great day at Pike's was shrouded in fog where I was there years ago.
dadlak · 2008-04-06: 23:13
CJLata I am sorry about your cat, and your toes. I hope you will feel better in heart and toes!
CJLata · 2008-04-06: 23:44
LotoFoto Wow. Great shot.
Can't wait to see photos of you at the top!
LotoFoto · 2008-04-07: 00:26
slowpete thinking of you.
I am still sore from doing a long walk with my dogs up a a small mountain. you may have this one all for yourself
slowpete · 2008-04-07: 00:57
mystic1 Dang NO PICTURES?
mystic1 · 2008-04-07: 02:27
Lynda Sorry to hear that you have lost 1 of your beloved cats.Your toes will heal a lot quicker than your heart.
Lynda · 2008-04-07: 05:12
gillas3 Hi . Good lock to climbing the Huge mountain .
gillas3 · 2008-04-07: 05:38
TomPaterson This puts the wee hills we have in the UK to shame. So sorry to hear of your loss.
TomPaterson · 2008-04-07: 07:21
tbranscum So sorry to hear about your cat. Get well soon! Beautiful photo!
tbranscum · 2008-04-07: 10:30
tomie sorry too about your cat! and your toes...great view of mountain!
tomie · 2008-04-07: 16:02
Carley I'm so very sorry to hear about your cat! and your toes!
This is a gorgeous shot....I can hardly wait to see your photos from when you and your husband climb this mountain!
Carley · 2008-04-08: 13:44
seabreeze A beautiful shot. Pikes Peak is a gorgeous place. Hope you get better soon to hike it!
seabreeze · 2008-04-08: 17:31
????? oh no! so sorry to hear about your cat :(((

And still sad about your toe :((

I can't wait to see your pictures from the top of that mountain!
????? · 2008-04-08: 22:10
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