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Least Like to Photograph and Most like to Photograph

uuf that's one bad snap by me. The subject was willing,but wow I guess I wasn't?? I guess I should have said this is not me? This is my aunt.
Gee imagine that a bird in flight is my favorite subject to photograph. Who would have guess??? Photographing a bird in flight is way easier than snapping a person.
The theme was the least we like to photograph and the subject we like to photograph the most.

Mine was pretty much a given. :)
????? amazing; who would've guessed? you're terrific at birds!!
Thanks for doing the themes, we're having a great time; at least I am!!!!~ I appreciate your time spent!
(always shoot woman from a higher vantage point- rids us of double chins and deadly overexposure!!~) R
????? · 2009-01-21: 23:34
DancingDolphin Well you ARE the pro at birds in flight... I agree, people are tough! I'm out of the loop these days... maybe I'll do a theme tomorrow!
DancingDolphin · 2009-01-21: 23:43
lynnsgallery2 Great self-portrait!!! No doubt in my mind you are the BEST bird photographer that I have ever seen :))
lynnsgallery2 · 2009-01-21: 23:50
lookagain Yup - no doubt about it - you've got the knack for capturing birds!! Always enjoy your shots so much - as the one above which is fantastic!!
lookagain · 2009-01-22: 00:26
slowpete Ditto
take care
slowpete · 2009-01-22: 02:40
camilleauteuil photographing a bird in flight is not so easy ...................
camilleauteuil · 2009-01-22: 03:12
mystic1 It seems like no one likes to take people shots haha Fantastic bird in flight shot Sheri
mystic1 · 2009-01-22: 03:57
jet28 Your bird shots are always magnificent!
jet28 · 2009-01-22: 06:46
Lynda I think you look so nice and serene on that 1st photo and your heron shot is as fabulous as ever.
Lynda · 2009-01-22: 06:51
eljapa i did like that theme, it was really fun to see how many/much? people dont like to do portraits.. wonder why... Perhaps do it myself and find out:-)
eljapa · 2009-01-22: 07:21
tbranscum Yeah, I knew what you liked to photograph and you are so darn good at it!
tbranscum · 2009-01-22: 16:59
magpy your bird shots are wonderful. I like the first one, too, she seems so shy
magpy · 2009-01-22: 20:54
Nellinka And you really marvel in shooting birds flying! =)
Maybe you should try shooting people who are flying?.. ;)
Nellinka · 2009-01-24: 09:00
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