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Self Portrait - for real it's me!!!

I really wanted to post this one and only this one, but Ken said nope do a real one! This i sme on Ken's KLR 650 yes we did ride our bikes in any kind of weather.
uufff what a pain staking project. It was too hot to go outside so hang a sheet over a door can call it good??? I have never been into hair I think the last time I had long hair I was 4?? And no this will not be my new avatar. WHEW!!
Oh I am so not a in the front of the camera kind of gal! I wanted to do a goofy portrait, but Ken said no do a good one cuz you are always goofing around. So here is a first and last real snap of me.
SkyMonroe very nice
SkyMonroe · 2012-07-22: 15:48
DancingDolphin Sheri, you are so gorgeous you just need to GET OVER IT and get in front of the camera more often... just look at those eyes and smile! And I LOVE short short hair... well done!
DancingDolphin · 2012-07-22: 16:19
lgnelson Great portrait (the second one!) Brenda may be tempted to copy your short hairdo if we continue riding the Honda trike!
lgnelson · 2012-07-22: 16:22
darfoster A beautiful lady, both in front of the camera and at heart!!!!
darfoster · 2012-07-22: 16:37
lookagain Well, I'm glad Ken took things well in hand and saw to it that you did a real one!! ;)) Don't get me wrong, the first one is cool and awesome, but also nice to see your beautiful face! Super post, Sher!!!
lookagain · 2012-07-22: 16:41
????? great portrait
????? · 2012-07-22: 16:49
onlyricky sheri, stop it!!!
like they said, you're GORGEOUS!! :)
onlyricky · 2012-07-22: 16:59
Wasichseh You are beautiful, great eyes and smile, perfect with your short hair!
Wasichseh · 2012-07-22: 17:06
SADHYA Wow, if I had a face like yours I would be in front of the camera all the time, rather than lurking in the shadows.
Glad you joined in the fun, and what a great picture you brought to the party.
SADHYA · 2012-07-22: 17:18
TheDashd you are beautiful :)
TheDashd · 2012-07-22: 17:32
va000119 Great to meet you. :-))
va000119 · 2012-07-22: 17:44
TIM927 Say thanks to Ken, it is great to know you, you are beautiful so short hair looks great on you, not everybody can wear it,,,So good to know you!!!
Btw,,,I love that motorbike too but I doubt I would be able to go out with so much snow around brrrr,,,
TIM927 · 2012-07-22: 17:47
tomie beautiful bird!
tomie · 2012-07-22: 17:56
domelia Hello sheriJ ! beautiful !
domelia · 2012-07-22: 18:04
????? Fantastic Sherij...
????? · 2012-07-22: 18:57
????? haha- it WAS hot outside- I should've done mine like yours! you're a beautiful gal, so glad you joined the project!
????? · 2012-07-22: 18:58
paintbox I think you're beautiful! Nice to meet you.
paintbox · 2012-07-22: 19:34
miclaud Nice to meet you, my friend!
miclaud · 2012-07-22: 20:25
digitalideas Nice tyo see you Sheri
digitalideas · 2012-07-22: 20:50
liveandletlive Well HOT DAMN! Now why the hell would you be so reluctant to post a self portrait when you have such a beautiful face???? Totally jealous of your bike. Awesome shots Sher.
liveandletlive · 2012-07-22: 21:52
josy63 And indeed Sheri you're very beautiful !
josy63 · 2012-07-23: 01:55
lookwhatisaw It shows a happy and shining person. (Love the bike, BTW)
lookwhatisaw · 2012-07-23: 02:28
MoMac It shows your happy, sporty personality well even if you hadn't posted the bike one. lovely smile.
MoMac · 2012-07-23: 06:13
EvaLizette Well hahah a little overdressed in nr 1 but looking so cool :) Love the second one! The hair cut is great!
EvaLizette · 2012-07-23: 09:08
ArtBee Well Hello there Sheri, nice to see your beautiful smile. What a lovely lady you are and a biker too! Wonderfully photographed self portrait, looks like a studio setup. Very nicely done!
ArtBee · 2012-07-23: 09:08
slowpete nice to meet you
slowpete · 2012-07-23: 09:24
Eiram well done!!
Eiram · 2012-07-23: 12:23
Ryana Oh, how beautiful you are ... why would you need long hair ... you are stunning just as you are!! x
Ryana · 2012-07-23: 14:58
georgeC great portrait Sheri!
for real it's me!
georgeC · 2012-07-23: 18:23
karmankwarner What a great portrait!!
karmankwarner · 2012-07-23: 23:08
borogovoi nice to see you my dear .......... !!!
borogovoi · 2012-07-24: 07:48
caroleagle I'm glad you did it :)) I'm doing a blurb book of all the entries. Can I use yours?
caroleagle · 2012-07-24: 11:33
CHOSSID You are really beautiful Sheri! So nice to see you!
CHOSSID · 2012-07-25: 21:56
mystic1 Wow well done good self portrait Sheri
mystic1 · 2012-07-26: 00:52
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