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Wolfsburg - the German CAR-TOWN of VW Part 1

In this glass tower are thousands of cars
Like a honeycomb
Old and still famous
Oh sorry - I left MY car there! :-)
Unperfected or a little bit robotic ?

Wolfsburg is a city in Germany.
The city is very young, since it was planned by the Nazis in order to build a town for the workers of the Volkswagen factories. It was founded in 1938 as Stadt des KdF-Wagens ("City of the KdF Car") around the village of Hesslingen in the District of Gifhorn. Kraft durch Freude (abbreviated KdF and meaning "strength through joy") was the German state-controlled leisure organization; one of its projects was the KdF-Wagen, which would later be known as the VW Beetle. During World War II there were also jeeps, airplanes and other military equipment built, mainly by forced workers and POWs at these factories
In November of 2003, Wolfsburg was renamed Golfsburg for one week to celebrate the 5th generation of the Volkswagen Golf.
And yesterday my Dad got his new car there.
It was an unique moment for my son to see thousands of fantastic & awesome cars!
????? we've one in Dresden, but this one is better and may be bigger. Nice shoot, love the classic collection. Choose another angle may be gave the better perspective. Btw, nice shoot.
????? · 2008-03-11: 10:30
tbranscum My son would love to look at all the cars! Thanks!
tbranscum · 2008-03-11: 10:57
Carley Interesting history! I love the first 2 shots....the first one with that beautiful water, and the honeycomb of the second. And "your" car..... fantastic! It's hard to believe that that very sporty and stylish auto is a VW!
Carley · 2008-03-11: 17:40
????? Pic 2 - amazing - what a building !!!!
????? · 2008-03-11: 19:44
NITTINPLP i like the ist three shots , i hope that ur dad will let u drive his new car, lol ;)
NITTINPLP · 2008-03-11: 22:51
slowpete nice share well captured
i could do with one of those cars. guess which one ;-)
slowpete · 2008-03-12: 02:35
gillas3 Hi . Amazing collection . please perfect it in other posts .
gillas3 · 2008-03-12: 02:59
TIM927 the unperfected one for me please, for summer, no need to open the window, and as there is no place for passengers,,,heehe,,what a summer,,,ill keep on dreaming :))
TIM927 · 2008-03-12: 04:39
Cabecilha great! i wish i was there too! :)

# 3, 4 and 5 are super!
Cabecilha · 2008-03-13: 14:34
maharba That's a very interesting way to purchase a new vehicle.
maharba · 2008-03-14: 15:19
jvdgriendt really like your car
jvdgriendt · 2008-03-16: 14:28
eljapa Could you reserve the car in #4 for me during the holidays??
Just leave the keys at Fort Dankern, thank you!
eljapa · 2008-03-17: 17:45
jet28 What an amazing place!
jet28 · 2008-03-18: 07:53
Riyaz Wow - This brings back memories! My Grandfather owned a beetle in Tanganyika (Now Tanzania), and used to tell us stories about the War. Tanganyika, Once part of the colony of German East Africa (German: Deutsch-Ostafrika), it comprises the mainland part of today's Tanzania, excluding the islands of Zanzibar. During World War I it came under British military rule and its transfer to Britain under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles was confirmed by a League of Nations Mandate in 1922, later a United Nations Trust Territory. Britain changed the name to the Tanganyika Territory.

On December 9, 1961 as Tanganyika it became independent as a constitutional monarchy, and on June 9, 1962 it became the Republic of Tanganyika within the Commonwealth of Nations. In 1964, it joined with the islands of Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, changed later in the year to the United Republic of Tanzania.

Great shots!

Riyaz · 2008-03-21: 22:28
mystic1 A friend was just telling me about this marvel of science, very cool images :)
mystic1 · 2008-08-01: 13:50
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