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About Death.

I found this commemorative plate by chance, in the heart of Dolomiti.
It was near shelter Capanna Fassa, over 3100 meters.
It was hidden not far from the path that bring to Capanna Fassa.
I cannot explain to you what I felt reading it.
There's no words, in order to describe it.

I translated it for you, may you can feel my same feelings.

To Davide... 1976-1995.

I didn't know how to help you
to exceed the difficulties
of the most impervious of the paths: ...
...the life.

One day we will meet again,
and I will ask to hold your hands
and to have your forgiveness.

Until then,
from the highest peak... on me.
...yuor dad.
Ikuszka Oh, so beautiful, impressive.......
Ikuszka · 2007-08-27: 09:40
kackac emotive and sad.. it must be very impressive to read this in such a height in dolomity, surrounded with peacefull and silent mountains
kackac · 2007-08-27: 11:18
garysktam Thanks for sharing. Great pic...
garysktam · 2007-08-27: 11:37
vollenda Very beautiful and sad. Imagine to have it there to find like that. I hope Davide got the message.
vollenda · 2007-08-27: 15:36
????? so so sad yet beautiful .. you captured it well .. hard to catch ....well done..
????? · 2007-08-27: 16:45
storytaylor SimoDM thaks for this post.
I quote some words

You stare at me from the black-rimmed frame:
forever smiling, forever young
in your officer's white uniform.
You held me in your arms who am now
older than you ever were or ever will be.
Did I cry? Did I smile? Did I learn to know you
before you became unknowable?
Am I like you?
Is my son?

William Theron Yates
storytaylor · 2007-08-27: 17:40
anelim it is the biggest woe to lose a child they say... hope to never find out how it is
anelim · 2007-08-27: 20:51
nugrahini it must be so painful ..
nugrahini · 2007-08-28: 13:43
swetrwpaski touching words and touching picture...
swetrwpaski · 2007-08-29: 12:44
mantis28 .....................
mantis28 · 2007-09-11: 13:04
Fouraces Added to my fav. This went straight to my heart. Thansk for sharing Simo~, Very beutiful.
Fouraces · 2007-09-18: 04:41
shaqifahsani its all about love tat a father cud ever give
and no being cud ever judge............
shaqifahsani · 2007-11-29: 09:47
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