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See A Penny, Pick It Up .......

"See a penny, pick it up
All day long you'll have good luck."
There are many times when I see odd coins lying on the pavement but I never pick them up. I guess we don't want people to think we're desperate for the odd penny. But I got to thinking ..... if I picked up every coin I saw, I wonder how much I'd have at the end of the year. So this year I'm going to pick up every penny I see. So far, after only 7 days, I have 3 pence.

I wonder if I'll find enough to pay my Photoblog fees. ;-)
mystic1 Cool shot, Fees?
mystic1 · 2009-01-07: 16:45
busybee36 I had the idea of putting all the money I saved from special offers, 3 for 2 etc into a jar and seeing how much that came to. Hope you have plenty of luck this year!
busybee36 · 2009-01-07: 17:34
GarthBnut I always pick up coins I see laying on the ground and that includes pennies too :) Great shot
GarthBnut · 2009-01-07: 17:59
????? you never know!!~ great idea, and I love the photo you chose!!~ R
????? · 2009-01-07: 19:06
Queen911 I can't believe you have a photo of me on the coin- keep me informed of your finds.
Queen911 · 2009-01-07: 22:59
KerBear Wow - that is a great idea. I've never thought of doing that... but I feel the same way as what you posted about not picking up the odd coin because people thinking that you are desperate... HOWEVER, at this time... I don't think anyone would question it... plus, who cares what other people think... LASTLY.... you'll be that much richer than those of us who don't do this! haha
KerBear · 2009-01-08: 22:20
ScubaLiz LOL, great idea!
ScubaLiz · 2009-01-10: 01:22
mandylouwho Just think, that's 3 pence more than you had before! I think it's a good idea :-)
mandylouwho · 2009-01-10: 23:57
thisismizb nice shot- you need a jar to put them all in.
thisismizb · 2009-02-05: 17:48
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