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Press-wala, Or SoulCurry's Missed Calling!

This is a creature probably not found outside the Subcontinent: a press-wala. You wash your own clothes, dry them, wrap them up in an old table-cloth or bedsheet and send it off to this guy. For two rupees per item, he irons your clothes to a nicety. Ten, if it's a saree :)
The iron, or a ''press'' as we call it here. This contraption is found only with the press-wala. Made of iron, with a wooden handle that lifts off so that the iron can be filled with coal.

snkysally Ohh, I wish I had a press-wala in my neighborhood! As always, thanks for sharing bits of daily life from your corner of the world.
snkysally · 2009-12-30: 13:44
lolasf I love seeing the bits and pieces you post- it's inspiring me to get there sooner than later!
lolasf · 2009-12-30: 13:52
KateR I want a press-wala.
KateR · 2009-12-30: 15:56
sydneylizzie I actually don't need my own press-wala - I find ironing very therapeutic, an almost Zen-like activity
sydneylizzie · 2009-12-30: 16:25
MelanieO I'm with lizzie on this one - although he would definitely come in handy if traveling through.
MelanieO · 2009-12-30: 17:27
websterella My dry cleaner will do that for 50 cents a piece.
websterella · 2009-12-30: 20:33
????? really interesting shots and info!
????? · 2009-12-31: 00:29
SusanM30 great set!
SusanM30 · 2009-12-31: 04:00
Eiram very interesting...and great shots!
Eiram · 2009-12-31: 12:18
megaera God, I haven't seen one of those irons in years; some very old people still had them when I was a kid, along with smoothing irons, which went in the fire to heat up. Over and over again.
megaera · 2009-12-31: 14:22
Stav1 That iron is amazing, it looks ancient!
Stav1 · 2009-12-31: 14:36
????? Excellent photos! I hadn't seen irons with coals in them. My grandmother had one she heated on the hot stove over and over again.
????? · 2009-12-31: 22:37
photoman Excellent photos! You have your subtle senses on. A view of an excellent photo journalist. I am lucky to locate this photoblog! Take this opportunity to wish every one "Happy New Year 2010"
photoman · 2010-01-02: 00:33
darrio My parent's have an old iron like that (not used of course).
Thank goodness for the press-wala at the dry cleaners!
darrio · 2010-01-02: 04:54
ifpics That iron pic is fantastic!
ifpics · 2010-01-04: 05:15
Mysorean We used to do it at home before the advent of the electric iron. We have one that has a smoke chimney.... I think I have to take that out from the junk room and show it here.

Good shots/
Mysorean · 2010-01-05: 01:30
dreamie I love your blog and I'm glad I've found it.
Everything is so interesting, looks exactly how I imagined. But I didn't imagine that I'd see here an iron looking exactly like the one my grand-grandma had! Thanks for sharing your observations and photos!
dreamie · 2010-01-05: 05:06
MouseholeKit Like both shots - but love the detail in the second
MouseholeKit · 2010-01-05: 05:44
MouseholeKit Like both shots - but love the detail in the second
MouseholeKit · 2010-01-05: 05:44
pandka Yes, my grandma had such iron too. Your shots are very interesting as always:)
pandka · 2010-01-06: 04:22
iluvpics21 oh we have one like that back mama keeps it in case there's no electricity. I actually got to try using it a couple of times..
Lovely pictures!
iluvpics21 · 2010-01-09: 12:14
rezinka Cute shots.
rezinka · 2010-01-09: 13:39
????? So interesting :)
????? · 2010-01-09: 17:01
lisamnz there are a lot of these irons about in NZ as well - but most of them are used as trendy door stops these days... lovely photos as usual.
lisamnz · 2010-02-02: 18:13
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