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Foggy beach weather (Shapes 1)

you just had to move 50 metres from the beach and the day was bright sunny...but,,,no sun on the beach :))
we were not able to sea the shore from our towels, it was a weird feeling, but it was hot and nice.

1er. fin de semana de buen tiempo y en la playa no se veía ni pa decir hola,,,pero en el aparcamiento había un sol preocupante:))) es una sensación extraña estar en la playa así, pero a mi me encanta siempre y cuando no haya frío...
From time to time the fogg seemed to vanish and it was really amazing to see the beach was quite crowded, I hadn´t realised there were so many people around me, we were like ghosts,,,noisy ghosts, call us poltergeist lol,,,

Cuando llegué a la playa ya había niebla, pero como no había frío se estaba bién. De vez en cuando parecía que levantaba la niebla. me sorprendió la cantidad de gente que tenía alrededor,,,con la niebla no los había visto :)))))
the water was frozen, and if you tried to get near the sea it was cold,,so not much people swimming :)

El agua estaba helada, y cuando te acercabas a la orilla hacía un poco de frío, así que no mojamos ni los pies ;)
Starting with a new week theme, "Shape".
Nuevo tema semanal: "Formas".
dontblink Very interesting with the fog. It does give a little strange feeling to it. Great pictures.
dontblink · 2009-05-31: 16:55
????? Wow, don't think I've seen the beach like this before...the water was frozen?? Where have you been on your hols? :)))
????? · 2009-05-31: 17:34
Ryana Idd that is strange, and I have never seen it previously.
Very COOL set :o))
Ryana · 2009-05-31: 17:38
Riyaz Very interesting! Never come across a foggy beach like this, seems so unusual! Nice start to the week with the shapes theme! Have a great week.:))
Riyaz · 2009-05-31: 19:46
????? These are the strangest "day at the beach" pictures I have seen! They are facinating!
????? · 2009-05-31: 22:23
lukazou I haven't touch beach for years!!! I want beach!!
lukazou · 2009-06-01: 01:51
slowpete great photos. was wondering what you are going to come up with
I thought it was summer, how can the water be freezing?
slowpete · 2009-06-01: 02:19
????? great shots, i've seen this here at the beach also, it looks very mysterious and spooky :-)
????? · 2009-06-01: 03:51
????? OH!!!
Esto es la pera!
Qué divertido, jejejejeje... se me ocurren cantidad de maldades que hacer, jajajajajajajaa
????? · 2009-06-01: 06:20
extralarge fogy or clear no problem. fantastic. :)
extralarge · 2009-06-01: 07:19
miclaud Wonderful serie!
miclaud · 2009-06-01: 08:00
bedazzled very mysterious pictures and I am intrigued by the fact that the water was frozen..I am curious about this place now..
bedazzled · 2009-06-01: 09:07
Francesc21 Curioso clima ...en la Costa Brava he pasado mucho calor....Me gustan!
Francesc21 · 2009-06-01: 11:46
Nukee wow these are amazing mysterious and surreal..nice work!! :))
Nukee · 2009-06-01: 12:50
Ivconcept Mystery shots! I like it!
Ivconcept · 2009-06-01: 13:18
storytaylor amazing. love the mood.
storytaylor · 2009-06-01: 13:51
LotoFoto Neat set!
LotoFoto · 2009-06-01: 15:24
Unchained Conheco esta sensação... quase mistica. Acontece às vezes também por aqui. Interessante set!
Unchained · 2009-06-01: 15:27
NITTINPLP a perfect beach for lovers , lol i wish i could be there;), with the fog, it really looks enegmatic , nice captures:))
NITTINPLP · 2009-06-01: 15:32
NITTINPLP and another enigma, u know someone was going to disappear from here, wonder what hapeened, but so glad , didnt happen, lol:)))
NITTINPLP · 2009-06-01: 15:34
????? Spooky, mysterious shots well done
????? · 2009-06-01: 16:38
Michka43 great great pics!!
Michka43 · 2009-06-02: 04:04
tcalbaz great concept and composition
tcalbaz · 2009-06-02: 17:38
Chete Perdóname, pero el concepto que tenéis los asturianos de "un día de playa" es cuanto menos, peculiar. En Valencia, con un día así no sólo no salimos de casa, es que nos ponemos a hacer acopio de alimentos por si viene el fin del mundo !!!!
Eso sí, las fotos te han quedado preciosas
Chete · 2009-06-05: 15:22
MarMeer Cool set. Did you edit them?
MarMeer · 2009-06-07: 15:27
Bergur Woah! These are stunning!
Bergur · 2009-06-08: 16:01
susan Bold Textive been searching online for days for interesting foggy beach photos and you went far beyond what i found out there
susan · 2009-11-02: 21:20
susan sorry for my inability to post comments properly....:)
susan · 2009-11-02: 21:22
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