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HoneyBee2 · 2014-01-23: 14:23
I love those red trees. We have a ton of them where we live, and they are always just so gorgeous!
Thank you for your kind comments! Wishing you a wonderful day!
focussed · 2013-06-23: 19:23
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We miss you Andrea!!
awwwwwwww.......*wipes awa y a tear* I really really miss it here too...just not enough time lately Im afriad. And now that Ive basically given up on FB I really miss sharing photos like this - and miss you of course!!!
rakhipatel · 2013-06-20: 06:55
That would be a very interesting sight to see, for sure!
beeacooker · 2013-06-19: 20:21
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I think you should take a course in watchkeeping!!
hahaha - I think it would take a lot more than a course!
rakhipatel · 2013-06-19: 05:53
rakhipatel Thanks Tamara. :-)
rakhipatel · 2013-06-18: 07:11
rakhipatel Thank you lots :-) .. I will remember your words..
beeacooker · 2012-07-29: 18:12
I don't mind sushi if it DOESN'T have the raw fish. I just don't think I could bring myself to eat it. I do like the sushi with the veggies and avocado!!
Lol - definitely an acquired taste. Didn't like it the first time either (it was on a date with my now-husband). Just the thought of raw fish grossed me out. Dared myself to try a few more times and grew to like it. Now I even crave it!
EloiseMurray · 2012-02-15: 14:42
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It's funny, but I can almost smell them from here!! I was raised around horses, and I love the smell of them.
Ooh as if! I do think horses take lovely photographs but in atcual fact I haved a mini phobia of horses, they're too big for me I find it kinda scary :S haha
????? · 2012-01-10: 05:01
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You can even see the hairs on his legs!!
Thanks !!
borogovoi · 2012-01-08: 16:21
absolutely beautiful!
Oh...Thank you my friend !!!