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Youth Football II & my little Dudes

In youth football you see the look on the boy's face in green A LOT.
My future up and coming football player. His big brothers fight over whether or not he is going to be a baseball player or football player. I always butt in and tell them I think he's going to play my flute. ;O)
This was the best lineman on the team. He's so darn cute and here he is running the ball!
At least I got in one nice pose of my goofballs.
Starting to get a little goofy....
More youth football and my youngest two being goofs.
Beagles3 These are so cute! The little guys have such concentration and drive for the game. You really captured it in the photos!!
Beagles3 · 2008-03-11: 12:20
lexlevans i think he should play hockey! :-) or your flute...

he looks awesome in a football jersey. what fun!! love that kids expression in #1. too funny.

and could your two little munchkins be ANY cuter?!?!?! i love #6.

oh and #3 is awesome, look at those mad skills and concentration! great set as always!
lexlevans · 2008-03-11: 12:37
MHJphotos AWESOME! I MUST get a killer 70-200mm 2.8 ... not that I need to be 'sold' on the idea .. but every time I look at your shots I get jealous ... and jealousy is BAD ... so the only way to cure my jealous ways is to pony up myself!

That first shot is fantastic ... the grimace you've captured just perfectly! I imagine you see similar looks on the big guy's faces too when they get rocked! That lineman in #3 is classic!

You you can see your mean streak in your daughter's face ... oh no ... another 'minnie me'?! =)
MHJphotos · 2008-03-11: 14:11
????? Great Post
????? · 2008-03-11: 14:26
tbranscum Great set, I love the action ones and their faces! Wonderful!
tbranscum · 2008-03-11: 14:48
DancingDolphin Some really cute shots and the face in that first one is GREAT!
DancingDolphin · 2008-03-11: 16:21
tomie the first one is really great! nice set!
tomie · 2008-03-11: 16:52
Queen911 Great actions shots. Your children are beautiful. Love the expressions on their faces.. Can't wait to see more
Queen911 · 2008-03-11: 18:23
oldbabe Oh, the pain in #1! And you have goofballs too? I thought I was the only one that called kids that. At any rate...cute goofballs!
oldbabe · 2008-03-11: 18:30
mattandbranson These are always so cute...I love the little guys! The pics of your kids are darling too! You can tell they are siblings!!
mattandbranson · 2008-03-11: 20:43
ambersunsets Great set! Your "goofy" kids are so cute:)
ps And Brenda is just gorgeous!!
ambersunsets · 2008-03-11: 22:01
bettyluvsduncan You got some nice shots. Makes my stomach hurt just looking at them. Our middle son played only for one year, I was a nervous wreck! Your kids are cute!
bettyluvsduncan · 2008-03-12: 01:08
ncshutterbug I really love this set, especially the last three. You can see the love between brother and sister.
ncshutterbug · 2008-03-12: 17:56
majikmonkee Cute, and you've got some great action shots here!
majikmonkee · 2008-03-12: 18:32
etodd80 Great action shots and cute goofballs :-) The look on the kid's face in #3 is great. A mix of determination and concern... The poor kid on #1 looks to be in serious pain! Nice shots!
etodd80 · 2008-03-12: 19:14
picturemom What a great set ! "poopsie" may not look like you but this little girl certainly does!
picturemom · 2008-03-12: 19:42
bamommy Awesome shots. Love the ones of your kids.
bamommy · 2008-03-13: 19:24
elclic very cute shoots !!
elclic · 2008-03-16: 19:16
Nayah Lovely to see the two of them so happy together! :)
Nayah · 2008-03-21: 18:56
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