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Lovely helpers

The boys aunt Adrie (left) and his mum (right) came to help us today and they wallpapered the spare room.
Aunt Adrie is 80 years old and although we said we could probably manage ourselves she insisted she would come and help us!! We couldn't keep her away if we tried ;-)
Great progress Karin and Aunt Adrie!!
megaera Wallpaper there is different from here. I love learning this stuff.

And I like Auntie; I hope I age as well.
megaera · 2009-06-18: 05:14
Tulpje It's glassfibre wallpaper, it's like a basepaper that you can paint over.
Tulpje · 2009-06-18: 05:41
elldee Always good to have willing helpers!
elldee · 2009-06-18: 06:03
Liiisa What fabulous ladies! And yeah, I'm fascinated by the wallpaper too.
Liiisa · 2009-06-18: 06:03
cakemonkey Brilliant. I hope I'm like that when I'm 80 too.

My mum is very handy just like those two ladies. She can wallpaper a room as quick as you like.

cakemonkey · 2009-06-18: 06:41
iguana Nice of them to help. Do all Dutch older women have that haircut because it's identical to the cut of J's mum!
iguana · 2009-06-18: 06:53
websterella You can't paint directly on the wall?
websterella · 2009-06-18: 07:35
DutchCookie how come all mums can do magic with wall paper and that talent seems to skip a generation?
DutchCookie · 2009-06-18: 07:41
????? My mum can't, dad can though but he takes weeks to finish things. I could do with papering the front room to hide the dreadful plaster in there, but can't face it. Do these two fancy a trip to the UK?!
????? · 2009-06-18: 08:01
Tulpje I can wallpaper, but it had been ages and I had 10.000 other things to take care of (I'm getting fed up with it I must admit). Some walls you can paint, but this was a bare wall, so it had to be primed first. I do think all elderly Dutch ladies have this haircut, my gran had quite the same haircut ;-)
Tulpje · 2009-06-18: 08:04
snkysally Our wallpaper is much different too! How nice that they came over to help! My Oma has a similar cut too - but with curls put in each week.
snkysally · 2009-06-18: 08:56
blackhawk1552 lovely helpers indeed! great set!
blackhawk1552 · 2009-06-18: 21:48
poppyg how sweet - fascinated with the wallpaper first before painting. our plasterboard is ready to be painted over - don't think you need an undercoat, just a couple of coats of top coat.
poppyg · 2009-06-19: 09:01
lizby1 Good old Aunt Adrie! I bet both ladies loved helping.
lizby1 · 2009-06-21: 05:31
thisismizb wow- they're great :-)
thisismizb · 2009-06-22: 11:00
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