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It's starting to come together!

The dining area is finished!! Sounds silly, but just as I imagined it. The hard work (esp the sanding and painting of the chairs) was worth it. The walls need some decoration, but that's it.
Naked Ikea Tullsta chair.
Tullsta with its new cover! I have an Ektorp couch wich we bought a new black cover for to give it a new life, but they didn't have a black cover for the chair. Online I found, a Swedish company that makes covers for Ikea chairs and couches in every possible colour!! Such a life saver for us (so we didn't have to buy a new chair right away), so check it out!! I highly recommend it.
Alright... working from home is still a bit messy... whoops! Annotaded.
elldee Looking good!

Btw I have ektorp sofas too :)
elldee · 2009-07-09: 05:57
phona Looking good! Nice plate ;)
phona · 2009-07-09: 06:08
rezinka The chair looks great now.
rezinka · 2009-07-09: 06:33
poppyg looking good - love the chair transformation, happy you where able to source a cover that suits you.
poppyg · 2009-07-09: 07:00
thisismizb the mismatched, but matching, dining chairs look adorable, hon. well done!
thisismizb · 2009-07-09: 07:35
websterella I love the blue chairs.
websterella · 2009-07-09: 08:03
GinCanada I'm sitting on my ektorp as I type this. ;o)
I'm so envious that you have a balcony - if I had one, I'd be sitting out there all the time!
GinCanada · 2009-07-09: 09:43
Oweena You two won't know what to do with all of your spare time when all of the sanding and painting and decorating is all done.
Oweena · 2009-07-09: 10:40
moxxxie Love the idea of painting the dining chairs. I had a set of chairs like that in my first apartment. We called out decor Modern American Charity. Seriously, the place looks fantastic.
moxxxie · 2009-07-09: 10:53
truenic beautiful dining set. I love natural wood with painted chairs. Once I get a dining room this is how I'd like to do it.
truenic · 2009-07-09: 11:39
DutchCookie great job both of you!
DutchCookie · 2009-07-09: 12:23
????? Looks great - I love the dining set.
????? · 2009-07-09: 13:41
megaera The dining chairs worked out really well, didn't they? Isn't it lovely when it all starts coming together?
megaera · 2009-07-09: 14:52
Quailia looking good!
Quailia · 2009-07-09: 15:58
Stav1 I know I said it before, but I love those blue chairs!
Stav1 · 2009-07-10: 08:08
msdanarae That blue is fantastic :)
msdanarae · 2009-07-10: 12:47
whortleberry Well done! Agree - the chairs look fab.
whortleberry · 2009-07-14: 04:32
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