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Willem came home!

We took Willem to a colleague of mine over the weekend. He has an older cat that was a bit lonely too. So we wanted to find out if Willem would like it there and if my allergies would clear up without her in the house. The latter was true, but we really missed Willem. On Sunday my colleague called that Willem was way too young and wild for their older cat. Willem kept terrorising the older cat, bad puss. So she came back to us, hurray!
First thing she did was crawl on my lap and fall asleep... and sleep fo hours and hours! According to my colleague Willem and his cat kept chasing and terrorising each other for 2,5 days... no wonder she was so exhausted.
snkysally Awww.
snkysally · 2010-06-02: 09:14
truenic OMG-she is SO CUTE!
truenic · 2010-06-02: 12:10
????? She's also huge - she's grown so much in the short time you've had her!
????? · 2010-06-02: 12:56
thisismizb what kite said- she missed her humanmommy! :-)
thisismizb · 2010-06-02: 13:33
iguana Aww.
iguana · 2010-06-02: 14:21
moxxxie Best of luck finding an allergy medication that works for you. W is stayin'. :)
moxxxie · 2010-06-02: 14:55
websterella What about looking into a prescription allergy medicine. The Singulair I take makes being around the dog much more tolerable.
websterella · 2010-06-02: 17:08
sydneylizzie Awwwww. So glad she is happy to be home. I hope you can sort something out!!! (EGB would love to re-home her here, BTW...)
sydneylizzie · 2010-06-02: 17:16
veronicainheels awww.... she is cute

poor you with the alergies.
veronicainheels · 2010-06-02: 17:56
MelanieO I can sympathise with the allergies bit - but Willem has claimed you for her own.
MelanieO · 2010-06-02: 23:11
Riaaa She is gorgeous!
Riaaa · 2010-06-03: 05:29
SusanM30 proof that Willem belongs with you guys!
SusanM30 · 2010-06-03: 08:48
Quailia Yep, she's yours!

seems like she's calming down a little, so if you can solve the allergy thing maybe you can live with her?
Quailia · 2010-06-03: 11:53
poppyg I think you have a cat, regardless of allergies.
poppyg · 2010-06-03: 19:20
bouds Aw
bouds · 2010-06-03: 20:48
phona Awww, is she back for good?
phona · 2010-06-05: 05:33
Stav1 Aw, she's a perfect little circle:-) Good luck with your allergies!
Stav1 · 2010-06-09: 13:08
msdanarae If it helps, most folks develop some sort of amunity to their own pets. I had an ex that was super allergic to my cat until we moved in together. After the initial reaction, the more he was around her, the better it got.
msdanarae · 2010-06-10: 15:59
????? Hahhahahha! I am now a huge fan of Willem!!!!!!!! what a cute personality she has!
????? · 2010-06-15: 08:34
sprite75 sniff. my black cat curls into a ball with just his ear sticking out too!
and has also been terrorising the cats in his new house--he used to be a real scaredy cat.
sprite75 · 2010-06-17: 17:26
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