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Porto - a city with personality

You will never regret to visit this city
nynkeb Love love love these!!!!! I showed them to my husband and he immediately said we should change our holiday plans and go to Porto instead ;) LOL. Wow Christa... superb set. I'll take at least one into my favorites :)
nynkeb · 2012-04-16: 14:37
davids Excellent set - I went there a few years ago and really enjoyed it too
davids · 2012-04-16: 14:48
unige This is a great set, I love the tones and the atmosphere these pictures transmit.
unige · 2012-04-16: 14:50
lookwhatisaw Janelas, janelas, janelas. Tenho muito saudades do Porto. I used to live on Cedofeita near Dos Clerigos. These pictures are PERFEITO for me because I adore windows, and all the windows to be found there, especially in the Ribeira. I recall each of those buildings fondly, and the Sá on the hill overlooking the river. The strange thing, though, is that I lived there for many years and I cannot recall at all the street car to Batalha. Getting old, I guess, and much history between my years in Portugal and Germany. Thank you for this wonderful reminiscence into my past, Christa!
lookwhatisaw · 2012-04-16: 14:51
lookwhatisaw Ahhhhh, yes, I remember now. the street car goes directly up the hill from the train station in the direction of the Rua de Sta. Catarina, nâo é? :-))
lookwhatisaw · 2012-04-16: 14:55
Kimxoxo Amazing! great atmosphere :))
Kimxoxo · 2012-04-16: 14:58
Davorka Excellent set !
I really like it a lot!!
Davorka · 2012-04-16: 15:03
josy63 Forte personnalité en effet... Et ta manière de la photographier la rend plus attrayante encore !
josy63 · 2012-04-16: 15:07
giancaf Wonderful, thanks for share!
giancaf · 2012-04-16: 15:08
OLaine Fantastic set! Love this architecture and mood :)
OLaine · 2012-04-16: 15:08
Ivconcept Excellent set!
Ivconcept · 2012-04-16: 15:09
Eiram Oh my!! Excellent pictures! Makes me want to pack my bag and go there!!:)
Eiram · 2012-04-16: 15:11
unreal When I visited the first time Oporto, the first thing I saw was a dealer outside my car: "Do you want some stuff? Very good, very cheap" :)
Except this adventure, "your" city was a fantastic experience. Perhaps one day...
I've added N6 to my FL and the post card (N4) too.
unreal · 2012-04-16: 15:19
JumiElla Excellent photos! And wonderful portrait of the pretty woman.
My friend was recently in Porto. She showed me a lot of pictures. Your city is really beautiful!
Once, I will visit Porto too! :)))
JumiElla · 2012-04-16: 15:24
Patricia132 These are all outstanding and marvelous!
Love all the building shots, especially no.2.
#4 is a gorgeous shot as well!
Patricia132 · 2012-04-16: 15:39
tomie quelle belle ville! et tu la photographies si bien!
ce que je regrette surtout c'est de ne pas l'avoir visitée quand j'étais au Portugal! le tramway et ces ponts sont bien sympathiques!
une jolie portugaise sur la 5 avec sa magnifique chevelure de sirène! serait elle célibataire? j'ai encore un fils à marier :))
merci Christa de nous montrer les merveilles de ta ville!
tomie · 2012-04-16: 15:44
gonia never - for sure! I love all, but 3rd one is the best. I see tramway there! not flat area! Porto is the most know by football.
gonia · 2012-04-16: 15:52
marilynx So formal, yet so inviting...
marilynx · 2012-04-16: 16:04
Kovac Superb :) Wonderful as always:)
Kovac · 2012-04-16: 16:44
Clickpen Preciosa ciudad, una de mis asignaturas pendiente es conocer Portugal, solo conozco El Algarve un poco y Lisboa de paso.
Clickpen · 2012-04-16: 17:37
Lsample Great set! They are all wonderful. #5 my fav.
Lsample · 2012-04-16: 17:42
David90 all these pictures are fantastic!! especially #4 big like :)
David90 · 2012-04-16: 17:57
bataviaart Series of images of the magnificent
bataviaart · 2012-04-16: 21:49
liveandletlive Christa, what can I say?? They are incredible as always. I envy your skill and your magnificent views.
liveandletlive · 2012-04-16: 22:28
sooch #1 is dramatic and wonderful (looks like a ) panoramic and #2 is very cool with all the repeating windows of different colors and sizes. Is the woman in #5 someone you know or was it a candid street shot? I second the above quote, I envy your skill, wonderful photos as always:)
sooch · 2012-04-16: 22:38
mystic1 Wow very cool nice clear captures well done
mystic1 · 2012-04-16: 22:59
Tinkerbell1769 Great Post wow beautiful pictures had to add 4 to my fav
Tinkerbell1769 · 2012-04-16: 23:53
mallusatish Amazing captures,very nice~!~
mallusatish · 2012-04-16: 23:55
Azrin Awesome set of a gorgeous place!
Azrin · 2012-04-17: 00:46
slowpete you have convinced me. Great set
slowpete · 2012-04-17: 01:20
anggrekfoto Amazing pictures.
anggrekfoto · 2012-04-17: 03:38
angil Um hino de amor a essa grande cidade. Fiquei perdido a olhar para a fotografia da Ponte D. Maria.
angil · 2012-04-17: 07:48
angil Ou é a ponte D. Luis? Agora é que fiquei mesmo perdido. :-))
angil · 2012-04-17: 07:51
storytaylor great place and photos.
storytaylor · 2012-04-17: 08:21
titka VERY NICE ;)
titka · 2012-04-17: 16:42
Shaparak Beautiful city with nice windows and gorgeous girl :)
Shaparak · 2012-04-17: 23:13
????? Tout simplement splendide. Je ne connais pas du tout cette ville; superbe. merci pour ce merveilleux voyage avec vos belles photos!
????? · 2012-04-18: 11:55
NellyBly I am so amazed at this city! #2 and 4 are incredibly different ways of the last one..such magnificent architecture..Good post :-)
NellyBly · 2012-04-18: 15:15
JaCkYe A cidade do meu coração tão esplendidamente retratada nestas fotos...até lhes sinto a alma. **
JaCkYe · 2012-04-18: 19:12
????? Well, first of all, I would visit in a heartbeat!
Secondly, your title is perfect with pictures capturing not a boring personality at all!
It broods, it smiles, it charms, it's wild & unpredictable (much like that girl's hair ;)
It's time to phone the airlines:)))
????? · 2012-04-18: 22:19
Riyaz Superb set! Porto Tourist office should be so proud of you! Yes, it definitely is a city I would love to visit one day!
Riyaz · 2012-04-19: 06:17
nataliemanco Wow Christa...these shot are spectacular . I would love to visit this place
nataliemanco · 2012-04-19: 08:06
Dropblue wow.. Merci Christa pour cette merveille de Porto... paradis de nature intacte, J'adoreeeeeeeeee #4,8,9 !!!!:))))
Dropblue · 2012-04-19: 09:25
NITTINPLP beautiful pics, u did a great job here :)
NITTINPLP · 2012-04-19: 13:05
organikraftart I like the retro look in #6, nice imagery. I'll have to go there some day!
organikraftart · 2012-04-19: 13:55
mujay what a beautiful place !!
mujay · 2012-04-19: 17:14
miclaud A very nice place to visit....
miclaud · 2012-04-19: 20:41
JordiJoan Con una simple y sencilla cámara logras fotos de escándalo. Todas geniales !!
....El día que pueda convenzer a mi mujer para hacer un viaje largo en coche, aquí me tienes para perderme en ésta ciudad con la cámara.
JordiJoan · 2012-04-20: 15:16
geyabesse Simplesmente uma beleza... da muita vontade de conhecer a cidade. Vc mora ai? Lindas fotos com certeza
geyabesse · 2012-04-20: 16:07
renatomartins No algarve passe-se férias, em Lisboa governa-se e no Porto trabalha-se :) Aqui está uma cidade para mim quase desconhecida. Em Fevereiro do ano que vem, vou-lhe fazer uma visita. Prometido.
A #2 a e a #6 fazem parte da minha F Lista. Gosto naturalmente da #4 com a sua dramaturgia própria. Na #5 gosto muito do olhar indeciso e questionante da "modelo"
renatomartins · 2012-04-21: 12:39
CHOSSID Looks wonderful!
CHOSSID · 2012-04-21: 15:41
DancingDolphin Every one of these is spectacular!
DancingDolphin · 2012-04-21: 22:15
Saipanhohhot The city is great in your photos. Really interesting!
Saipanhohhot · 2012-04-22: 08:53
ldalmau beatiful city. Your set remembers me I must have a trip on it.

Unas fotos muy bellas
ldalmau · 2012-04-22: 16:07
TIM927 con presonalidad, con encanto y con fotografas excepcionales como tú..
TIM927 · 2012-04-23: 07:21
????? Great post, Christa :)
????? · 2012-04-23: 07:32
elenaprofessione lovely! #2 and 3 are my favs!
elenaprofessione · 2012-04-23: 17:25
hanskloss the first one, amazing !!!
hanskloss · 2012-04-27: 03:21
pandka Fantastic!
pandka · 2012-04-28: 03:54
tcalbaz Love 1 and 2! You mix patterns, textures and tones so well!
tcalbaz · 2012-04-28: 08:40
Yokai #2 and 3 are marvellous !! 4 and 8 have well-balanced compositions !!
Yokai · 2012-04-29: 03:16
Melusine Magnificent set,
it's a very interesting city with nice buildings :)
Melusine · 2012-04-29: 06:02
Ryana All these make my mouth fall open ... super shots!!
Ryana · 2012-04-30: 16:47
????? Magnifique ville à ce que je vois! j'espère un jour la découvrir:-) superbes photos! Merci pour le partage!
????? · 2012-05-06: 06:06
hannamagnusson Beautiful, I would love to visit some day!
hannamagnusson · 2012-05-12: 03:48
gapelzsolt wow wow &wooow
gapelzsolt · 2012-05-16: 13:44
Contesina That's for sure!
Contesina · 2012-05-22: 14:25
laplumedemouette Merci pour cette belle promenade. Cela me donne envie d'y aller vagabonder...
laplumedemouette · 2012-05-23: 03:36
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