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Got a little bit of soul, got a little bit of rock & roll in my bones!

picture taken by my husband!!
gotta give this song a listen! it will make you happy!
Got a little bit of soul
Got a little bit of rock 'n' roll in my bones,
Don't you bury me when I'm old
I may need 'em when I'm reborn,
When I'm reborn.

The garden that you planted is doin' well
I thought you'd like to know,
The roses are growin' on the hound dog's bones
It reminds me of the time I told you long ago:

"Darlin' let's let our hair grow long
We can work on a farm, maybe live on a mountain.
I got an old hound dog, likes to run,
He needs a lot of room and he hates to be chained up."

Just like me, just like we are supposed to be.
Just like me, just like we are supposed to be.
Just like me, just like we are supposed to be.
Just like me, just like we are supposed to be.

The mountain's sinking, the river's rising,
The sky is falling, I fear I'm dying.
The forest is creeping in, I cannot stop it,
I don't want to try now, I can't remember how
I used to dream about them valley highways
Before I was chained to this country by way
And you left me here, letting freedom tear us apart
-Tea Leaf Green "The Garden Part III"
Madoc Wow! You look like having a lot of fun...just the way I pictured your average afternoon. ;-)
Madoc · 2008-06-12: 12:46
my365vision This seriously makes me laugh...superstar...MISS A!!!!!
Did you ever want to run away and join the circus?!
Marking it a fav....awesome shot hubby!!!!!
my365vision · 2008-06-12: 13:15
DancingDolphin You are obviously having TOO much fun! :-)
DancingDolphin · 2008-06-12: 13:34
vollenda Wow, what fun!
vollenda · 2008-06-12: 15:35
ambersunsets You go, girl!!
ambersunsets · 2008-06-12: 21:31
moonunit80 Fun!
moonunit80 · 2008-06-12: 23:59
ronin53 :):):)
ronin53 · 2008-06-13: 03:38
aurian Wheeee! This picture is so much fun! Aren't trampolines the best? ;)
aurian · 2008-06-13: 06:46
????? that is such a GREAT shot !!!! yeah great exercise!!!fun ,fun and fun....
????? · 2008-06-13: 15:03
Chevy WOOO!!! Yehy! I loooove this .. so free and fun.. I want a trampoline now.. lol
Chevy · 2008-06-13: 15:18
Richard Oh no, I rember when you posted a photo of you jumping and I had to give it a go. Now I'm going to have to find a trampoline and try this.

Great shot.
Richard · 2008-06-13: 19:12
PaperWings I love it!
PaperWings · 2008-06-13: 19:25
ncshutterbug Great shot!
ncshutterbug · 2008-06-14: 16:13
BreezyOnTheEyes wow that's so scary! lol awesome!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-06-14: 21:27
bamommy LOL! Looks like fun
bamommy · 2008-06-14: 22:00
mdcongleton Is that you?? Fun!
Great picture!
mdcongleton · 2008-06-14: 22:04
Asianeye woderful photo
Asianeye · 2008-06-15: 05:16
picturemom Way cool!
picturemom · 2008-06-15: 19:57
Queen911 You crack me up. Very cool
Queen911 · 2008-06-16: 00:59
longimanus wowwowwow! Is that really you? All my respect! THe neighbour`s got that too... I tried to jump with Jamie, well he is better that me!
No Abby, not a little bit, but you have a big big and beautiful soul!
longimanus · 2008-06-16: 08:28
climbergirl YOU ROCK!
climbergirl · 2008-06-19: 12:57
????? sweet shot!!!!!
????? · 2008-07-02: 20:37
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