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Classroom Capers - Flying Papers: Day 45

Students were given a sheet of paper and instructed to create an airplane.
(For full experience....please enlarge.)
The farthest distance was 16 ft. The second half of the lesson involves students discussing the successes and failures of their flights, and researching what factors make the airplane more aerodynamically sound.
Originally, I was going to post a Dr. Seuss theme for the Classroom Capers - such as the one you can see on PaperWing's blog. However, when I got home today, I realized that I left the camera cord that allows me to upload my pictures at school. Fortunately, I had already uploaded some shots from our paper airplane science project.

The students had to contend with high winds today, as did the Wright Brothers long ago, but that just sharpened the learning curve for this experience.

For those kids-at-heart out there or for those of you just looking for something to do with your tax documents - check out this paper airplane site.

Hope you enjoy!

seabreeze Looks like fun for the students. We just bought a paper airplane kit for our 6 year old grandson....always lots of fun and great for the imagination.
seabreeze · 2008-03-03: 21:33
????? super cool .. love the last one.. thanks for the info and hats off to you for teaching :) It takes alot to be a teacher ..:) and I am sure you are an awesome one :)
????? · 2008-03-03: 21:42
Queen911 Great post. I remember making these as a child. Now I am teaching my granddaughter to make one. Back to you now #1 love the lightening on the little girl. The playground shot shows the joy in the faces of the kids. Great job.
Queen911 · 2008-03-03: 21:46
bamommy Great post. I love the fact that the kids are outside actually experiencing school. I bet you're a great teacher.
bamommy · 2008-03-03: 21:50
ScubaLiz Cute! Nice post!
ScubaLiz · 2008-03-03: 21:58
DancingDolphin All great shots... it looks like they had a lot of fun!
DancingDolphin · 2008-03-03: 22:12
KerBear OH MY! What a great school project! Things like this that involve students are always the most memorable for sure!
The best lesson I ever had was in my grade 10 history class... our teacher got us to write down all kinds of personal information... like full names, birthdates, sin numbers if we knew them, parents names, occupations, workplace and birthdates etc, telling us that the office had lost info! He was authority so no one questioned it and we all did what we were told..... this was at the beginning of our world war II section before we began studying Nazi Germany... quite obviously i have never forgot it......
KerBear · 2008-03-03: 22:19
mrutherford22 Love the concentration in #1. Great capture. Also love the reference to tax documents. ha!!
mrutherford22 · 2008-03-03: 22:29
photopoet This is a wonderful lesson that is fun and involves a great deal of learning and group participation . I think your classroom must be a creative place to learn.
photopoet · 2008-03-03: 22:32
????? how fun!!! i know they all enjoyed that! thanks for sharing!
????? · 2008-03-03: 23:05
mamacita man, why couldn't we do fun stuff like that when we were in school?! I bet they had a ball getting to be outdoors. Will you be my teacher? :) lol
mamacita · 2008-03-03: 23:46
ronin53 tax documents only? there are so many useless sheets... by the way, great post, great teacher, great suggestion :-)
ronin53 · 2008-03-04: 03:07
jet28 Science lessons are a lot more fun than they used to be :-) Our students used to construct parachutes to try to float an egg to the ground from the first floor windows without breaking it!
jet28 · 2008-03-04: 06:45
Anjie My boys loooove to fly planes...16ft is a great flyer, wow!
Looks like great fun :-)
Anjie · 2008-03-04: 07:52
KC727 Nice set ;))
KC727 · 2008-03-04: 08:14
PaperWings YAY for us! :) Glad you got some good shots today. I love the first one with the pencil in her hair. HARD AT WORK. :)
PaperWings · 2008-03-04: 10:25
????? Such a fun set!
????? · 2008-03-04: 13:03
Nayah I love the first one!
Nayah · 2008-03-04: 16:24
windemer I used to do the one when I was young Nice
windemer · 2008-03-04: 16:38
PaulGraham great title amazing shots love the last one
PaulGraham · 2008-03-04: 17:13
oldbabe I think learning should be fun. Looks like you guys make it so. My congrats to you wonderful teachers! It's nice seeing what teachers do nowadays!
oldbabe · 2008-03-04: 18:23
????? Great post !!!
????? · 2008-03-04: 20:55
SheriJ WOW 16 feet! That is AWESOME!! Looks like a real fun day!!
SheriJ · 2008-03-04: 22:30
mintra Lovely post, beautiful shots.
mintra · 2008-03-05: 00:06
????? cool! looked like lots of fun
????? · 2008-03-05: 18:16
soldotnamanda Not as easy as it looks! This is a fun series. The intensity in the children make me smile.
soldotnamanda · 2008-03-06: 21:27
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