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Bass guitar: Day 50

Since this is my 50th post, I wanted to do something special. I found one of Adam's old bass guitars and decided I would dedicate this post to him.

Adam is my oldest son born to me at the young age of seventeen. You could say we kind of grew up together. He has been a blessing to my life in so many ways. He is a kind, warmhearted, young man with a passion for music. He's on the road most of the time playing bass in a band called Nevertheless. Adam is also engaged to be married to a wonderful girl named Katie on May 17th, but you will learn more about this in my blog as the day draws closer.

Til tomorrow,

The Real

Here I am tonight.
I can’t stand to fight this feeling of despair I hide.
I wonder are you there sometimes.
(Sometimes we all wonder).

This is you; this is me.
This is who we’re meant to be.
We are the real, but the truth is unchanging.
This is a call to hearts that are fading.

So it is sometimes,
that I feel this life is far beyond repair,
but I know that you are there tonight.
(Tonight I won’t give up).

This is you; this is me.
This is who we’re meant to be.
We are the real, but the truth is unchanging.
This is a call to hearts that are fading.

Keep on breathing.
Don’t you let this take you down.
Don’t stop believing.

This is you; this is me.
This is who we’re meant to be.
We are the real, but the truth is unchanging.
This is a call to hearts that are fading.

bamommy I love all the shot but #4 really caught my attention. Congrats to Adam on his engagement. Take care
bamommy · 2008-03-08: 20:47
BreezyOnTheEyes wowzas! i'm really loving the lighting in 2 and 4. nice set!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-03-08: 21:56
mamacita Awesome shots. Pls tell Adam hello for me. :)
mamacita · 2008-03-08: 23:14
????? great set and I really liked #4 too! Congrats to Adam on his engagement!
????? · 2008-03-08: 23:19
????? I have a son that we sort of grew up together .. He plays the guitar .. special post and thanks for sharing this .. congrats to Adam and Katie :) and you :)
????? · 2008-03-08: 23:38
leocheung Nice photos. Love the warm tone.
I'm listening to the song. A great song. This band really Rocks !
leocheung · 2008-03-09: 00:09
LotoFoto What a touching post.
Happy 50th!
I love # 5.
LotoFoto · 2008-03-09: 00:26
dweiskir I've taken shots of my bass several times but never thought to take it outside. I love the last one, especially the reflection of the trees.

My congrats to Adam and Katie.
dweiskir · 2008-03-09: 00:31
wenrzu WOW it's a Squier P.Bass Special similar to Fender Precision Deluxe - the model that i used to play on. This is a real classic. Thanks for sharing.
wenrzu · 2008-03-09: 05:50
Peche Lovely post Julie :)
My heartfelt congratulations to Adam and Katie, and to you :) You must be extremely proud and happy. And feel so blessed.
It's posts like your's and Lindy's that make me look forward to having a family of my own.
Peche · 2008-03-09: 05:51
pippo really nice is magic!! Congrats to your son!
pippo · 2008-03-09: 05:56
jet28 Wonderful tribute - great shots!
jet28 · 2008-03-09: 07:44
oldbabe How wonderful that Adam can follow his passion and that you will have another member of your family. I'm sure you will all make beautiful music together.

The last one looks like it was sitting under a Christmas tree and the first near a fireplace. Great places to be.

oldbabe · 2008-03-09: 07:51
vterezia congrats to Adam and Katie :) and you :)) Happy 50th!
vterezia · 2008-03-09: 13:16
Queen911 I really love this set. I love a bass guitar. My fav #3,4,5. Congrats to your son
Queen911 · 2008-03-09: 13:52
seabreeze What a lovely set and a great tribute to Adam. Looking forward to hearing more on the happy couple.
seabreeze · 2008-03-09: 14:31
DancingDolphin Some great close ups!
DancingDolphin · 2008-03-09: 14:48
PaulGraham love the last its so kool
PaulGraham · 2008-03-09: 14:51
unige The third photo is great, I love the sunlight on it! And thanks for the music.
unige · 2008-03-09: 15:53
photopoet · 2008-03-09: 16:13
kimauman Love the angle/composition on picture 2.
kimauman · 2008-03-09: 16:43
picturemom 3 and 4 are awesome shots.
picturemom · 2008-03-09: 17:46
mrutherford22 Wonderful close ups! The detail is amazing. Thank you for sharing Adam's story. I can't wait for wedding pictures!!
mrutherford22 · 2008-03-09: 18:02
PaperWings These are really really nice! I love the perspective and the composition! Wonderful job.
You, my dear friend, are a wonderful mother.
PaperWings · 2008-03-09: 22:04
????? congrats to adam for his many accomplishments. great shots
????? · 2008-03-09: 22:24
ScubaLiz Lovely story, and lovely photos!
ScubaLiz · 2008-03-09: 23:40
KerBear Great shots!!
KerBear · 2008-03-10: 10:50
VasiPopescu excellent set!
VasiPopescu · 2008-03-12: 08:16
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