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March Outtakes: Day 73

The woods in my backyard.
What do you see?
Just something about the colors and light....
This is the front side of the photo I originally posted on March 17.
I know this picture may look a little staged, but it is not. The pattern of the fallen flowers and leaf is what drew my eye.
It drives Kevin a little crazy when I take picture's while he's driving.
This cake was soooo delicious!
at Nana's house
The cherry blossoms hang over the road in front of my house.
"But what really knocked me out was her
cheap sunglasses." ZZ TOP
For whatever reason, these photos didn't make the original cut, so I am dedicating the end of each month to the photos that didn't get a spotlight on a daily post.

Thanks, Bree, for this idea:)

Til tomorrow,
focussed great idea!! So many shots which are worthy of being posted that it would have been a real shame to miss out on them....#3, #5 and #9 are perfect examples of this!..
oh and I think i see a little monster in #2..he has tiny eyes, spiky hair and a really big wide open mouth!!
focussed · 2008-03-31: 22:40
nvphoto nice shots, number 1, 3, 4,5, well done
nvphoto · 2008-03-31: 22:45
ncshutterbug What a great idea! I may do that myself sometime.

Love the woods behind your house. Funny - we're both married to Kevins, and we both have woods in our backyard. :) #5 is absolutely precious.
ncshutterbug · 2008-03-31: 23:15
CJLata very nice.
CJLata · 2008-03-31: 23:34
mamacita love all of them. Especially the cake and the sunglasses. :)
mamacita · 2008-04-01: 00:29
LotoFoto These are great! I think they should've made the cut!
(Is #2 looking into a coffee cup on a saucer??)
LotoFoto · 2008-04-01: 01:36
Peche Great idea - kind of like what I did with my February reflections post last month... which I will do again for March! :)
I love this set - all these shots are really interesting - but I must say, love those 'cheap' sunglasses and the earrings - you are one gorgeous lady! ;)
Peche · 2008-04-01: 06:45
PaperWings Oh, these are fantastic! I absolutely LOVE the last shot of you! It looks like summer. And your hair is up! It looks sooo good!
I am so impressed with all of your "outtakes" they are just all very engaging!!!
PaperWings · 2008-04-01: 09:00
vterezia very nice!!
vterezia · 2008-04-01: 09:08
KerBear That is a fantastic idea and I'm really glad you did this because I love this set!! :) I agree that the colours and lighting in that third shot are fantastic, I love it! The picture of Cash is tooooo cute and the last picture of you is lovely!!
Great set Julie!! :)
KerBear · 2008-04-01: 10:24
????? I agree, there is something about the colors and light in #3, I think it's great!
????? · 2008-04-01: 13:56
abbeyh13 ha!
super set...
love the outtakes!
abbeyh13 · 2008-04-01: 15:00
oldbabe Oh, what a great idea!
#1 - what a beautiful woods you have there.
#2 - I see a one-eyed, spiky haired, big-mouthed white thing in a cup.
#3 &4 - lovely (especially 3)
#5 - Cash is a cutie
#6 - staged or not...old and new meet in a neat picture
#7- Don't all husbands think we are crazy?
#9- pretty
#10 - why is there a bench over those soon to be flowers?
#11- strange angle
#12- beauty no matter how you look at it
oldbabe · 2008-04-01: 18:20
BreezyOnTheEyes you reminded me that i have to work on my rejects tonight!! beautiful set, i love them all. it's so fun to see what we all consider to be outtakes or rejects, even if they are wonderful just as they are ^_^ great post jules!!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-04-01: 18:40
japarker Great ides for a post!
japarker · 2008-04-01: 19:58
Queen911 This was a great idea for a post, however all were worthy of your daily post.
Queen911 · 2008-04-01: 20:19
????? that's a neat idea! these photos are great. #2 looks like a jellyfish!
????? · 2008-04-01: 22:27
bamommy What a cool idea! Love the one with you in the glasses! I think you look cool.
bamommy · 2008-04-01: 22:53
????? Beautiful set !!!
????? · 2008-04-03: 06:17
????? i particularly enjoy # 3, but also nos 5 & 8!!
????? · 2008-04-04: 15:45
climbergirl Nice set!
climbergirl · 2008-04-06: 18:42
????? great idea-I really like #3-you are so right about the colors and the light!
????? · 2008-04-14: 18:05
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