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Theme: Classroom Capers Day 80

Some of our parking spaces are named after character traits.
right this way
Office is straight ahead, but you can get to my class by either turning left or right. It's a round school:)
turn right here
almost there...that's my class at the end
come on in
Trust me, the view is even more depressing from the front. It's a far cry from last month's Classroom Capers.
Okay, our marquee just cracked me up! How bad can it be that we are now begging our students to come to school everyday....or is that for the teachers? lol!

As Tracy said, not a lot of capering going on these days. We are in the trenches as we prepare for the state test next week. This is not fun for the teachers, for it goes against everything we know to be natural, organic, and right about learning. And of course, it is tortuous for the students as their body language strongly suggests. Also, testing coincides with spring, so it is the *perfect* time to motivate students to read long passages and then summarize and make inferences, while the sun is shining and the birds are singing right outside the window.

Well, we do have some fun things planned for the afternoons next week, so there will be some relief.

Mrs. Wann

CJLata great photos of your school. A round school is a neat idea.
CJLata · 2008-04-07: 21:48
turndaround Oh, that school looks so great! I'd bet the sign is for both ;)
The crayons on the floor really are great, and you took some great shots of them!
turndaround · 2008-04-07: 22:47
BreezyOnTheEyes haha i laughed my butt off at the end there ~_^ i hope everyone is heeding that very convincing sign.

The tour was excellent! your school is so colorful, how could you not want to be there...and it's round!! how fun!

i miss school. i need to go back immediately! ^_^ thanks for sharing jules!
BreezyOnTheEyes · 2008-04-07: 23:40
oakley Looks like a fun school! I like the way you angled some of the shots!
I feel like a kid running thru the halls!
Good job! Thanks for the tour!

oakley · 2008-04-08: 03:26
LotoFoto Wow is your school cheeful, colorful & stimulating! Far cry from our run-down-in-need-of-a-new-roof school. The schools in our state are suffering terribly with budget cuts and this year is the worst. Just when you think they couldn't possibly cut any more, they find something more to cut. We already do not have an art teacher or a p.e. teacher or a full-time janitor. Luckily the school gets a music teacher for half the year. I'm curious about how your schools do financially speaking.
LotoFoto · 2008-04-08: 13:13
abbeyh13 fab shots!!!
looks like a fun building!
abbeyh13 · 2008-04-08: 13:44
mamacita great shots! And the marquee is very funny. :) I'll be praying for you (and your kids) this week and next!
mamacita · 2008-04-08: 14:08
oldbabe I like the crayon floors. The halls looks so cheery. I like the body language on the students - and they all appear to be looking different directions! I was going to ask what the W A N N meant outside the door until I saw your signature, Mrs. Wann!
oldbabe · 2008-04-08: 17:02
seabreeze Great shots. It looks like a great school to attend. That sign is awesome.....every school should have one....
seabreeze · 2008-04-08: 17:26
ncshutterbug I love these! The school looks like such a great place to be.
ncshutterbug · 2008-04-08: 18:02
PaperWings Andrea's comment about the school being clean cracked me up. I was just thinking that you must have either taken these shots REALLY early or REALLY late for it to be so shiny. :)
Great tour. It actually made the school look inviting. And you get a peek at what my "capering" was about.
PaperWings · 2008-04-08: 18:57
????? that sign is hilarious. the hallways are so colorful! all my schools were so dreary or dark.
????? · 2008-04-08: 19:47
KerBear hahaha the "please come to school thing" is most definitely hilarious! it does seem something like a desperate cry haha!

I love those crayons on the floors - they add so much brightness to the hallways!! Great shots... good luck getting through this testing with the students!!
KerBear · 2008-04-08: 21:19
mrutherford22 What a stimulating school environment! I love it! Thanks for giving us a tour. Love the Marquee too. I'm loving the angles you used in the hallway pictures. Very neat!
mrutherford22 · 2008-04-08: 22:03
????? i love love love the colors at your school!! the floors are so fun! good luck with your testing-- 5th grade had one today and we have our last two at the end of the month. yuck!!!
????? · 2008-04-08: 22:17
nelly Truly understand what you say. TAKS are so tiring.
Love your classroom by the way!!!
nelly · 2008-04-08: 22:21
Queen911 This was a fun trip to your school I think I could become a professional student..
Queen911 · 2008-04-08: 22:56
kimauman Your school looks bright and clean. I did love the sign too...probably for teachers :)
kimauman · 2008-04-09: 06:27
Jerseyshoregal Your school is so favorite is the school sign NICE!
Jerseyshoregal · 2008-04-09: 08:14
bamommy What a funny marquee! LOL. I hate NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND! What are your veiws on it?
bamommy · 2008-04-09: 22:14
climbergirl Great pics. I like the crayons on the floor, so colorful!
climbergirl · 2008-04-10: 19:40
dadlak great post! I love the hallway shots...can feel myself reeling down them, as much as I can still reel...thanks
dadlak · 2008-04-23: 15:13
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